I Bought Workflow Automation Software: Now What?

Workflow software

Using new software for business is a bit like the “honeymoon” phase after you get a new phone. You’re going to want to play around with it right away. And there is nothing wrong with this metaphorical playing with the bubble wrap, but at some point, you will want to put it to work.

With forms workflow software, you may be tempted to dig in and start automating workflows left and right, but most companies do better when they take a measured approach. Taking your time now can result in having the skills later that allow you to automate more complex workflows and perhaps automate things you didn’t realize you could. Here are some tips for getting started with your workflow software.

Know Where Automated Workflows Help Most

Not every business process needs to be automated. The processes that get the most bang for your workflow automation buck are repetitive, rote tasks that are prone to error when done manually. Order processing, inventory management, billing, and time tracking are examples of repetitive tasks where accuracy is paramount, and where automation not only accelerates the processes, but reduces error rates. Likewise, back-office processes like batch processing in data centers are good candidates for automation.

Start Small

Having listed key processes that can benefit from workflow automation, it’s important to note that trying to do big automation initiatives right from the start can result in frustration and confusion. Most organizations are best off choosing one small task to automate. Perhaps a few paper-based forms could be turned into online forms. Or perhaps a well-defined process that requires the same steps each time (such as onboarding new employees) would be a good candidate process for your first transition to automated workflows. Just be sure you test, retest, and have a backup plan before you go live with a newly automated workflow.

Measure Progress and Reception 

Workflow software

Listen to what users like and don’t like about newly automated workflows.

Though people are usually quite receptive to conveniences like online forms, you can expect push-back when you first start automating more complex processes. People are used to doing things the way they’ve been doing it, and it can be hard to convince them that once they get used to the new way, they’ll like it even better. You’ll have an easier time if you automate a single process, and then gauge reception among process users. You should also take this opportunity to measure key performance indicators like how much time is saved by the automated process compared to the old, manual process.

Choosing the Right Workflow Software Makes All the Difference

The workflow form software you choose will make a world of difference in how well you take to creating online forms and automating workflows. Most organizations today prefer to use cloud-hosted applications so it’s not necessary to build out the IT infrastructure before being able to take advantage of new software. It’s also important to select workflow software that has an established track record, and a strong reputation for excellent customer service. Software with a friendly, intuitive interface will be used more quickly than software with a confusing or overly technical interface.

PerfectForms is workflow management software that allows for the creation of online forms and automated workflows by the very people who use them most. No programming is necessary because of PerfectForms’ intuitive interface, so you can start experimenting with the software as soon as you have it. Whether you want to convert clunky paper forms to sleek online forms, or whether your goal is to automate as many business functions as possible, PerfectForms is ready to help.

If online forms or workflow automation is in your business’s future, we encourage you to watch the PerfectForms demo video. There you can see how easy it is to turn inefficient, cumbersome business processes into sleek, sensible ones that people can learn to use quickly. And the fact that PerfectForms is mobile-friendly gives you an edge with customers or employees who prefer to use their mobile devices. We’re ready to help your organization enter the new year with the power, flexibility, and ease you need to take your business ahead of the competition. Contact us to learn more.


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