BPM Software: Could It Make the IoT Better?

The Internet of Things (IoT) hasn’t made a huge impact on most people’s lives yet, but the potential is enormous. The potential for the IoT in business is even greater. The examples of IoT technology that most people are familiar with are in-home smart lighting and smart climate control systems that “know” how to function depending on surrounding conditions, including the presence or absence of people.

BPM software

The Internet of Things will open up a new universe of command and control possibilities.

These systems have a place in business environments too, and in fact, we probably can’t even envision the potential for the IoT in the business world yet. When ordinary devices can digitally interact with users and with each other, the possibilities are really only limited by the imagination.

Business process management (BPM), which has been around for a while, is an “integral part of much of the digital transformation that is taking place today. Here are some ways BPM is expected to make the IoT better.

BPM Tools: Linking Customers and the IoT

Many of the ways businesses will use the IoT to create customer value are yet to be determined, but it’s easy to see how transformative the IoT will be. BPM can be seen as an essential link between the IoT and customers, because connected devices that exist in silos can’t do much. For example, coordination of tasks that involve humans and devices or systems is a natural function for BPM tools. This can be true either internal to businesses, or in interactions between businesses and consumers.

BPM Software and Customer Sentiment Analysis

BPM has long been used to analyze consumer sentiment data, so imagine how powerful the insights will be once BPM can be combined with both consumer sentiment data and data taken directly from connected IoT objects. It can already be done to some extent. Say an exercise app on a smartwatch counts how many steps a user takes. Consumer sentiment entered into a survey could be combined with data directly from the smartwatch app to gain increasingly accurate insights into how people use devices and how they rate their experience.

Using BPM and the IoT for Systems Maintenance

BPM interactions with the IoT may not all be exciting, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be transformative. As businesses adopt more connected devices, BPM will be used to help them manage and maintain them. As more data is gathered, BPM systems can evolve from simply doing reactive maintenance, to doing predictive maintenance, potentially saving significant resources by preventing the need for repairs. For example, a sensor on a building’s HVAC system could indicate that it’s time for filters to be changed or cleaned, which could help reduce energy costs and environmental footprint.

BPM software

BPM plus IoT is expected to take preventive maintenance to the next level.

BPM Software and Smartwatch Data: Massive Potential

With smartwatches alone, the potential for BPM in combination with the IoT is astounding. Imagine a medical facility that works with people with chronic diseases – people who are each outfitted with a smartwatch. BPM could be used to orchestrate admission and discharge, and to capture vital sign data directly from the smartwatches and other types of “smart” monitors. Or imagine, say, a weight loss clinic that can gather step and heart rate data directly from a patient’s smartwatch to monitor progress and create next week’s meal plan. As more smartwatch applications are developed, more opportunities for using BPM in coordination with the data they gather and generate will arise.

The IoT is still somewhat hazily defined for the ordinary consumer, although “smart” systems are making their way into homes and businesses. BPM tools have a natural role to play in helping these systems work together, by gathering data, routing it into databases or spreadsheets, analyzing it, and making sense of it. Your business can gain a measurable competitive edge if your BPM system is poised to take advantage of the many opportunities that come along with the IoT.

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