Breeze your way through vacation request forms

As a proactive and solution-focused manager, you’re constantly bombarded with people vying for your time, attention, and approval on decisions, projects, and Workflow Processes. While that’s to be expected in a leadership role, there are ways to streamline and improve some procedures that not only make your operation run more efficiently, but also save you time that can be better spent on activities that increase business and ensure exceptional customer service. One such time-intensive, and often stress-inducing, undertaking is wrangling your company’s employee vacation request process.

User-friendly and uncomplicated vacation request forms

There’s no 10-page, quadruple-copied form needed here. Simplifying a vacation request form expedites the whole process for both you and your staff. A streamlined form makes it easier for your employees to put their requests in writing and also makes it a breeze for you to see exactly which days they’re asking to take off, including the start date and the return date. An effective vacation form should include these essentials:

  • The employee’s name
  • The employee’s email address
  • The employee’s department
  • A section that clearly shows the day the holiday will start for the employee, the day he/she will return, the total number of requested days, and an area for comments by the employee and/or you.

Depending on how your particular company operates, there needs to be different sections on these simplified HR applications for each person who must review and approve, or deny, the requested vacation time. For example, if a team leader must first receive the form, there should be a section that shows whether he or she approved, rejected, or returned the request for amendments, and a comment area for further information. If the form then needs to go to the HR department, there should be another space that shows whether HR personnel acknowledged the request, returned it for amendment, and/or made any comments. If you are the only person who needs to see the vacation request form in order to approve or deny the dates, then you can easily customize the document with just a manager section on it.

Use vacation request forms that are online, automated, and eco-friendly.

As organized as you are, it’s not easy keeping track of countless papers, forms, receipts, memos, and everything else that seems to find its way onto your desk. Paperless, automated vacation request forms still get all the details in writing but can be easily and immediately accessed for confirmation 24/7, eliminating the nightmare of papers gone missing. Not only are you saving time and money with this approach, but you’re also saving trees. By managing your vacation request forms online, there’s no longer any need to order the paper to print them on – or, indeed, to use the printer.

Implement vacation request forms that are centralized

A benefit of using vacation request forms online is that they are centrally located in your computer system, making them easily accessible and organized. Instead of duplicate files that get tossed, lost, or placed in a manila folder, online forms streamline this process for human resources.

Vacation forms were once overly complicated, took the lives of too many trees, and were simply unnecessary. Making your operation more efficient, stress-free, and easy significantly improves the atmosphere throughout your company. Vacation request forms ought to be a breeze for both your employees to access and fill out, and for you to view and approve. With automated, customized vacation request forms, you can even approve a request while you’re lounging like a lizard on that tropical beach!


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