Building a Survey through PerfectForms

Feedback forms and surveys are absolutely essential for any business looking to increase its customer satisfaction. However, professional-looking surveys can be difficult to create if you have no knowledge of coding. You could always hire an IT professional to create and maintain your business surveys, but that can be a very costly investment.

With PerfectForms, you can build great-looking surveys with no technical skills or expertise required. This easy-to-use editor allows you to build your survey by simply dragging and dropping objects on a canvas — and yields amazing results. Use your survey to gather market research and measure product satisfaction, so that your business continues improving.

PerfectForms allows you to easily integrate with external databases and systems, incorporate workflows to ensure process compliance, and add complex logic. With a PerfectForms survey, you get full visibility to your survey for monitoring, and you can even export data to Excel, SAS, SPSS, and other statistical packages. Build your business survey – today.