Calculate Your Workflow Savings With the ROI Calculator

You know that automating your workflow processes will save you time and money. But you may need to have data to make a compelling argument to your manager to get them to invest in PerfectForms for your business. If so, you can use the handy, online Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator available online to quantify just how fast PerfectForms can pay for itself in your company.

The ROI calculator at PerfectForms takes into account several pieces of data, including the employees involved in a particular process, how often the process is performed, and how much time it takes to correct errors that occur during your standard way of collecting information. By plugging in some simple numbers, you can get a good estimate of the PerfectForms ROI, payback period, and net present value. You can also project the revenue you expect as a result of implementing a workflow through PerfectForms. And since you will likely implement more than one cost-saving process management solution, you can add up to two additional processes for your estimate.

The ROI Calculator will give you some data to go to management with to make a case for automating your workflow processes. Remember that this is just an estimate, your actual numbers may be less or more than what the calculator returns.


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