Choose Your Routing Options with Online Form Creator Software

It’s one thing to build online forms for data collection from your customers or your employees. But what do you do with the data once you’ve got it?

PerfectForms online form builder software allows you to route that data to whomever you like in your organization. You can choose custom routing options based on who needs the information in your organization. Use the reporting feature to create easy-to-read tables and charts, so your managers will get the most out of the data that they are seeing.

It’s all been made easy with PerfectForms. We’ve been working with customers for many years developing online workflows for various businesses. As a result of this, we’ve come up with simple, yet effective, customizable templates that allow you to create reports online for your business and route the data where it needs to go. Everything is stored in a database of your choosing, so that you can create other reports in the future.

Until you’ve seen it in action, it’s hard to believe how effective PerfectForms is at building online forms and workflows that are universal to most businesses. Sign up for your free 30 day trial, today, and you will have access to the entire program. You’ll be able to see exactly what PerfectForms can do, and be able to start saving time and money with your own online workflows.


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