Choosing Appropriate Answer Formats

Rating System

When you are creating an html form generator to evaluate someone or something, a rating or ranking system is the best answer format.  This will give form users a chart of answers and a scale on which to rank them.  This allows you to refine large amounts of information that may not have black and white answers into a clearer picture as to what is needed how the situation stands.

Multiple Choice

One of the most popular form options would be the multiple choice response.  It allows you to find out what percentage of people chose each of the given options and limits responses to an easily-digestible amount of information.

Text Response

When questions in your surveys and forms are so wide open that you could never offer enough choices, you’ll want to use a text response. Normally, the form will send this information to a sheet where the responses are listed.  These require someone to physically go over each response.  It’s a good idea to limit the field to a certain number of characters, so that every person isn’t writing essays that need to be read and analyzed.


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