Has your classroom been checked for safety regulation compliance?

The break between semesters is the perfect time to evaluate your school’s policies regarding student and instructor safety. While sovereign immunity statues do protect school districts from most litigation, the failure to protect students from preventable injuries, through negligence or an unsafe environment, lifts the immunity and exposes the district to a lawsuit. Using form creator software, you can put together a checklist for every classroom in your district to assist teachers and principals in addressing potential safety problems. Though manual creation of safety checklists is an option, you conserve time, reduce costs and achieve greater control over compliance when using online form builder software.


Saving Time and Money


At a time when schools are trying to cut costs at every opportunity, it might seem counterintuitive to believe that spending money on form creator software can actually lower expenses overall. With a manual process, you have to pay someone to spend hours typing and editing the forms for each campus, all while they wait for approval from the administration. Add to that the cost of physically printing the forms and you’ve spent a small fortune.


Online software eliminates the majority of these costs. The drag-and-drop builder tools provide the form-builder with the basic framework for the school safety checklist in a matter of minutes. Then, instead of printing and distributing the form, the administration can send links either via email or directly to a mobile device. Further simplifying matters, the form creator software can then send periodic reminders to instructors and administrators to complete their safety checklists before students return to class.


Performance Analysis


Because of the importance of safety on your campus, it is vital that you are able to analyze instructor compliance. If you use a manual form, all of the data must be collated and analyzed by hand. It’s easy for information to fall through the cracks and for bad behavior to go unnoticed. Form builder software allows the administration to get a better overall picture of safety concerns across all campuses by analyzing instructor and site compliance.


Reports show you which instructors consistently follow the rules, as well as highlight those who are consistently lax in their commitment to staff and student safety. With this information in hand, you can coach instructors and point out unacceptable behavior before someone gets injured. In addition, as a school district administrator, you can compare the implementation of safety strategies across campuses and address principals whose instructors fail to meet expectations on a regular basis.


Actionable Information


Not all safety issues are a matter of instructor neglect. Sometimes, they are a direct result of maintenance problems. Through the use of form builder software, you can integrate maintenance requests with the safety checklist to speed up the process of compliance. For instance, if nine of the 20 desks in a classroom have broken or missing parts, which would cause the classroom to fail its safety inspection, the instructor or the principal can immediately make a request to have the desks replaced. Instead of waiting for the data to be collected and analyzed before taking action, the people who are in the classroom are better equipped to address maintenance issues immediately.


Adopting online form creation tools eases the burden on your faculty, staff and administration to operate a safe campus so they can spend more time on the most important part of their jobs: educating.



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