Converting Data into Accessible Reports

Regardless of how you use form builder software or process mapping software, your main reason for implementing them in the first place is to make communication easier and see higher productivity. In a business, greater efficiency means lower expenses and more money, so any software that can help you achieve this is worth looking into. However, it’s not just about taking the software and integrating it with a database for easy data collection. You also need to be able to take that data and convert it into something people can relate to. That’s why reporting functionality is so important.


The way it works is simple. Whatever data you can collect in your web forms software, you can turn into a variety of reports. Do you want a pie chart showing what percentage of customers answered yes in your web-based customer survey? Maybe you like the idea of a quick table summarizing the effectiveness of a department’s data collections efforts. The possibilities are pretty much endless, which is exactly why the software is so in demand. Whatever way you want to display your data, you can, including bar charts, line charts, cross tabs, tables, and more. Thanks to reporting functionality built into your business process management software, it’s never been easier to collect, organize, and display data and turn it into actionable steps to improve your business.


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