Customizing an Online Form is a Breeze with Help from PerfectForms’ Online Tutorials

PerfectForms business process management software requires no programming or coding experience to update the forms and customize them for your business. In fact, if you can drag-and-drop on a computer, you can change our forms to fit your company.

For those that would like a little bit more help, we have many resources available online for you. One place where you can get help on setting up your PerfectForms templates is in the online tutorials section. With the online tutorials, you can walk through several aspects of the form designer, as well is the report designer.

The form designer is the application that takes you through setting up a new form. The tutorials are broken into four parts: layout, behaviors, workflow, and stage and field state. Each of these has multiple steps, and screen shots you exactly what is going on every step of the way.

In addition to the tutorials, there are also guides on planning your workflow and your form. Once you have your workflow in your form mastered, you can do anything with perfect form software. Check out the online demo, or register for your free 30 day trial today.