Dashboards: Easy to build, easier to use.

Hello PerfectForms Community,
Today I would like to share with you the benefits of a custom-built dashboard. By using ‘Reports’, PerfectForms provides the ability to build a functional and informative dashboard that will make your day much easier. ‘Reports’ provide real-time data feedback along with the ability to filter, search, and access form instances. By utilizing a ‘Report’ as a dashboard you can increase efficiency by allowing your users to easily find data and actionable items.
For example, below is a dashboard that could be used to process and view vacation requests:
report as a dashboard
The dashboard above provides a few key elements that can speed up your process such as sorting. By using a ‘Report’ as a dashboard you can organize data by any column. I prefer to sort data by oldest request date to ensure the oldest requests receive the highest priority.
Hint: Applying filters does not affect sort.

We will next discuss the filters used in the dashboard.

· Approval Dynamic – Will only show the selected approval status.
· Name Search – Allows the user to isolate a specific requestor by name.
· Show Only Needs Approval – Isolates only items that still require action.
· Remove Past Vacations – Eliminates any dates requested that are older than the current date.
· Clear Filter – Will remove the data to an unfiltered state.
Another element to this dashboard is the ‘Open’ button within the ‘Link’ column. The open button will provide access to the form. This will enable the user to take action or view additional details. If the Workflow of the form is in the approval stage the user of the dashboard can quickly gain access to approve the form and complete the request. Using a dashboard can also benefit workflows that have been completed. Searching for a closed instance to reference is much easier to find with the sort, filter, and search functionality.
By combining these key elements you will be able to empower your users by providing quick access to important data, filtered data feedback, and direct access to your workflow. I hope this information has provided you with some build ideas, thank you for reading and happy form building!

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