Don’t Forget to Test Your Form

Let’s say you just finished a beautiful and helpful new form using an HTML form builder.  Because of the software, it was easy to create and publish.  You sent out the link to everyone who needs to use it, and now all you have to do is sit back and wait for the data to come flooding in.  Right?  Wrong!  Publishing and waiting is a rookie mistake.  In order to make sure that form is working correctly, it’s imperative that you run some tests.


First, try the link yourself.  Did you copy and paste it correctly?  Can you access the form using only the link?  Next, make sure someone besides you can access it.  You might not have entered the permissions correctly, so having someone else test it is also a good idea.  Then, when that person fills out some demo data, does it get sent to the appropriate database?  Are you notified of that addition?  The form creator software you used may have made the task of creating your form simple, but that doesn’t mean you didn’t make any mistakes.  Be sure to also check that people who aren’t supposed to be able to access it are blocked from using the link, that all typos have been fixed, and that the form loads quickly and looks correct, no matter from which device it is being viewed.  Once you’ve done a thorough test of your form, you can then send it out to everyone and wait for that all-important data.


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