Don’t Throw the Baby Out With the Bathwater: Get Your Systems to Talk to Each Other

Many companies simply cannot upgrade their legacy systems as often as they would like. Yet legacy systems can be limited and have difficulty communicating with each other. Your IT team may not have the time or resources to make a customized connection between old and new systems, yet continuing as you have been is slow and inefficient.



You may not have to give up on your legacy system yet.


You do have options other than major IT overhauls or custom programming to help integrate your systems and share information effectively.


Getting Your Systems to Talk to Each Other

Suppose you would like to take information from electronic forms and use it to populate a database. If your electronic forms were created using PerfectForms, you can do this without having to know how to program. PerfectForms allows you to connect directly from one form to another, or directly to a web service. It also offers a Connection Agent that you can use to connect to other third-party entities such as databases, directory services or spreadsheets. You’ll need connection administrator privileges in PerfectForms, and if you want to connect with an existing database, you’ll need access credentials to it from your database administrator.


You Can Make PerfectForms Do This Without Programming

With PerfectForms, you can make better use of your legacy systems by taking over workflow processes that involve things like databases. PerfectForms allows you to bring in data from other systems or send data to other systems without having to write any code at all. If you want to populate forms from information contained in a database, you can do that. Or if you want to take information from forms and put it into a database, you can do that as well. PerfectForms offers you a convenient interface with drop-down menus and drag-and-drop functionality that eliminates the need to write programming code.


Connect Directly With Web Services and Other PerfectForms Forms

You can connect the forms you create in PerfectForms with each other or with web services easily. Just drag and drop elements into place and draw connections between them. The interface makes it easy to envision and lay out workflows involving multiple forms. This can be terrific for in-depth processes like on-boarding new employees or submitting yearly employee reviews. PerfectForms allows you to create electronic workflows from scratch, boosting productivity and significantly cutting down on errors.



You? Create electronic workflows? Absolutely.


Use Connection Agent to Connect With Other Entities

PerfectForms also includes a connection agent that offers you even more power and flexibility. You can use the connection interface to make legacy systems communicate with your forms, taking information from forms to populate database fields, or taking information from database fields to populate forms. You can set up filters to select which records to bring into your forms too. Suppose you wanted to populate contact forms with information from all companies with names starting with the letter “D.” Setting up the connection agent and a filter on the company name database field lets you do this even if you know nothing about programming.


Write Data to or Read Data From Databases, Directory Services and More

PerfectForms is about much more than just creating electronic forms. It’s powerful and flexible enough to let you create interfaces to legacy systems and mine legacy systems for data to populate forms. This can eliminate a significant amount of manual work should you want to put legacy data into a new form, for example. Whether you’re connecting forms with each other or connecting forms with third-party systems, the connection agent lets you do so with intuitive, drag-and-drop convenience. What might have required a major IT or programming initiative can be done by a non-programmer, quickly and easily.



PerfectForms is a terrific solution for companies that want to upgrade and automate workflows but don’t have the resources to underwrite major IT projects. And of course, it’s perfect for making pixel-perfect electronic forms that look exactly like the paper forms you’ve always used. The efficiency gains can be considerable, and you won’t have to wait for your IT people to have the time to set things up for you, because PerfectForms makes it easy. To see how PerfectForms can connect legacy systems, have a look at this tutorial. And if you have any questions at all, please contact us at any time. We would be happy to hear from you and to answer your questions.



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