Easily Integrate Your Databases With Your Online Forms

When you’ve been using paper forms for a while in your business to track data, you already have a database that you use to keep the results. This database may hold many years’ worth of information that you don’t want to lose.

And when you begin using PerfectForms workflow management software, you don’t have to worry about switching to a new database. That’s because we’ve designed a way to access your existing data without having to switch to new software.

PerfectForms comes with a connection agent, which allows you access to a number of different databases, including MySQL, Oracle, Active Directory, and even text or CSV files. You can even control how much of your database can be accessed by PerfectForms. It’s simply a matter of working with one of our administrators. They will configure the PerfectForms connection agent so that your forms can continue to enter data into your database, and only in the areas you specify.

AT PerfectForms, we are so confident you will love our software that we offer a free 30 day trial of our entire program. During this time, you have access to every aspect of play program, including all form templates and database connections. If you don’t love it after 30 days, there is no obligation to buy.


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