Easy and Secure Electronic Form Creation…Yes, it can happen!

Just because it’s easy to make does not mean that forms created using software are easy to hack. Form creation software allows you to quickly and easily build forms for your business and gather data faster, while also contributing to the aspect of “going green” with the elimination of paper waste.  This software can be utilized by anyone and requires absolutely no technical expertise whatsoever.  There’s no need for a web designer or a code writer; all you have to do is take a little time to learn how to use the system and you’re good to go.

With form creation software, your administrative staff can create surveys and feedback forms, finance forms, human resources forms, operations forms, education and more.  Here are just some of the form types that you can expect to create with your new electronic form creation software:

  • Human Resources:  Sickness Notification, Vacation Request, 360 Degree Performance Appraisal, Absence Request Form, Contractor Time Tracking, Job Application.
  • Finance:  Capital Expenditure Request, Credit Control, Purchase Order.
  • Surveys & Feedback Forms:  Customer Service Survey, Customer Satisfaction Survey, Employee Opinion Survey, College Course Evaluation, Product Satisfaction Survey, Web Demographics Survey.
  • Operations:  Incident Report, IT Support Request, Print Request, Project Management, Repair Request, Support Inquiry.
  • Education:  School Vandalism/Theft Report, Student Accident Report, Student Registration Form, Admission Application, Change of Major Request, Grade Report Request, Parking Permit Application, Scholarship Application, Transcript Request.
  • Miscellaneous:  Lead Input, Legal Matter Request, Medical Consultation, Sales Inquiry, Tenant Lease Tracking.

The benefits of using form creation software are many and include:

  • Green aspects of eliminating the need for paper
  • Easy to use and requires no expertise
  • Reduce man hours on your administrative staff
  • Provides for better organization of your business
  • Avoid delays with email notifications and escalations
  • Respondents are able to fill out forms online or offline

How to Make Forms Secure with CAPTCHA and More

You don’t need to file forms under lock and key to bar unwanted access. Save the paper and boost security with the following ways to tighten your web form’s security:

  • SSL:  Protecting your form with a SSL (Secure Socket Layer).  This is a common industry standard for sending and viewing sensitive information via the Internet.
  • Password Protected Forms:  Create forms accessibly only by password. These are great for private events or internal forms.
  • CAPTCHA:  With CAPTCHA you can add an extra security layer on top of your other security measures to protect yourself from spammers and bots.  This security measure also assures your customers that their information is being protected, while also making your site appear more professional.
  • Data Encryption:  Password protect your forms with data encryption.
  • PGP Email Encryption:  This type of protection is ideal if you receive sensitive information via e-mail.

Creating forms electronically seems to be a win-win situation all around. PerfectForms has helped over 500 organizations worldwide, including many Fortune 100 companies, in the areas of financial service, health care, insurance and manufacturing sectors to automate the finance, HR, operations and sales processes.  For example, in the health care sector, the State of Oregon Office at the Long Term Care Ombusdman has diligently worked to improve the care of elderly adults with the use of PerfectForms and have dramatically reduced case reporting errors by an amazing 500%.  The University of Tennessee at Martin have been able to make an entire department completely paperless by automating 20 processes in just two weeks with ONE resource.

You can’t beat the fact that while going green using electronic forms, you’re also saving money and time.  Goodbye paper waste and hello to a fast, easy and secure ability to create, send, receive and analyze important forms electronically.


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