Elegant Solutions

“Elegance” is a current buzzword that’s being frequently thrown around when describing software, but what does that even mean? The old definition of the word meant well dressed, well mannered, and effortlessly graceful, and some, but not all of those ideas apply when describing how a program works. When someone calls a piece of software “elegant” here is what they really mean: first, it means that a program works, obviously, and that it is easy to understand and use. Elegance also refers to high cohesion, short functioning, low coupling, and good naming within the software. Perfect forms business process software is often called elegant because it meets and excels those standards for business process management software. While elegance may be a trendy word right now, the ideas behind it are timeless. Every business strives for efficiency and user-friendliness, but some are more successful at achieving that than others. If you are struggling bringing an office up to date or up to compliance standards, if you are using a clumsy, inelegant system right now, or if you feel that there is room for growth, then Perfect Forms BPM tools are the elegant solution to your problem.


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