Eliminate Errors in Your Online Data Collection

Part of increasing revenue in your small business involves decreasing the amount of time it takes to perform day-to-day operations. And in order to decrease that time, you need to be able to cut down on errors. After all, if you can fill out a form fast but the information is not correct, you end up adding more time to the process.

But when you use PerfectForms to create your online input forms, you can eliminate a lot of the errors that will naturally happen as people fill out information. This can be done by setting parameters for what is an allowable response in the field. You can create a drop-down menu with predetermined choices, or specify an allowable range of information, such as a number between one and 1000.

The time it takes to set up these parameters will be time well spent, when you realize how little time you will then spend either correcting data, or hunting down an employee to find out missing information. By a filling out forms right the first time, you can shave time off of the processing of each one, which will eventually translate into many hours of gained productivity.

PerfectForms does all this and more, for hundreds of different workflows. Each one of them is fully customizable. Click here to experience an online demo of our system.


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