Enhance Productivity With These Human Resources Tools

In any business, the human resources department is a vital part of the company’s success. With numerous responsibilities and pressure, staff is at risk of losing documents, missing deadlines, duplicating work, and incurring unnecessary expenses. Eliminate all these problems by using workflow automation software; a human resources management software program that makes everyday tasks so much easier.

What is workflow automation software?

Workflow automation eliminates problem areas by simplifying workers’ day to day activities. Information and processes are combined in a cloud based feature. Staff’s knowledge is incorporated into the automated process and provides everyone involved with knowledge about how to handle their work quickly and efficiently. The end result saves time and allows for better informed decisions.

The role of human resources management software

The benefits of human resources management software can be broken down into four key areas.

Simplify recruitment – With PerfectForms, recruiting new employees is simplified. Candidates fill out an application form which will be routed directly to the hiring manager. This allows him or her to quickly run a report on required qualifications. After the interview process is complete, the human resources management software also helps with employee orientation and employment contracts.

Employee feedback – Are the employees in your organization content and happy in their work environment? Find out by organizing feedback from your staff. An employee survey, when correctly executed, results in better performance, greater commitment and more meaningful involvement in the organization. Happy employees are productive employees. If there is a problem, an attitude and opinion survey can be effective in resolving any company issues. Don’t forget employees who will be leaving the company. Their feedback might lead to a better understanding of internal company problems.

Time and attendance – Manual time recording of attendance often leads to errors and problems scheduling vacation, sick days and time off. Human resources management software will simplify requests and approvals for approved time off and vacation days.  Automated notices can be programmed to notify human resources of critical data and attendance concerns, and can help with overall attendance planning.

Performance appraisal – Most organizations require an annual performance appraisal. During these appraisals, managers aim to get a better understanding of their employees, their responsibilities and interaction with others. Ideally, a performance appraisal leads to better job performance, meeting individual and team objectives while stimulating employee motivation.

Unfortunately, most managers don’t like performance appraisals as it takes time to interview their staff and analyze their problems and needs. Human resources management software can help with three different employee forms: A form for self-assessment, a form for self-assessment and goal setting, and a 360 assessment. These forms are then routed to the department manager who can review, discuss any problems, and set priorities and goals at the time of the assessment.


Whether for a large organization or a medium-sized business, productivity can be enhanced by utilizing these human resources tools. PerfectForms automates business processes and workflow quickly and smoothly. No programming, designing or coding skills are required. Implementing the program is as easy as drag and drop.

At the touch of a button, workflow processes are tacked and identified. The human resources management software monitors events as they happen. This simple process leads to better performance and a reduction in mistakes, while at the same time improving productivity. As an added bonus, the management software is compatible with external systems and databases.


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