Ensure a Smooth Transition to Summer School with These Workflow Applications

Is your school wondering how it is possible to keep track of the progress of students attending summer school?  Many schools and universities have incorporated the usage of the workflow automation software to help establish powerful reports that monitor the performance of the students’ progress, track student enrollment, and even make billing and other administrative tasks easier.

Summer school can sometimes be chaotic. Different students and teachers are coming in and out of the school and most administrators take vacation, or simply do not work during the summer. Schools are typically short staffed and need help ensuring all functions of the school — from enrollment to janitorial duties — are taken care of in the same timely manner as the start of a new academic year.

Using Workflow Automation Software

With the rise of many easy-to-use programs, such as PerfectForms, schools can obtain the visibility that they need in order to enhance your process in improvement without having to rely on any technical skills needed to get the application into production.

Schools and universities will be able to deploy the software within just a few minutes without having to rely on Information Technology. All you have to do is drag and drop the objects onto a canvas to create engaging and reliable workflow applications with no development or coding techniques needed.

Application, Forms and Requests

Workflow automation software makes it very simple to create online applications and forms for education. From maintenance requests to admission applications, you can now eliminate the need to deal with paperwork. You can improve communication methods and keep vital data from getting lost.

This workflow procedure will help to take the place of paper trail more efficiently by bringing your workflow processes and forms online, streamlining the administrative procedures helping you make the most of the money that you have invested.

Compile Data and Create Charts

Software such as PerfectForms allows you to compile the data collected from your students attending summer school into charts and graphs. These graphs are easy to monitor and understand. They help acknowledge where schools need to fill in the gaps that are lacking progress, helping you enhance productivity and decreasing the chances of errors.

Many universities have utilized this software to monitor the performance of their students during summer school. The software can provide a flexible and powerful environment to observe your workflow, create a better user interface, and help build reliable reports that will improve the overall quality of your current performance.

Tracking and monitoring the progress of students studying in summer school has never been so easy. The students can easily learn where they need to pay more attention and what they have to do to do better in certain classes.

Using PerfectForms to track student development will help students see how much they have learned and where they need to improve once fall classes start.


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