Expert Interview with John Gainor Of RightSignature On Everything You Need To Know About Digital Signatures

Digital signaturesLet’s face it – the business world has changed forever and irrevocably. Many of us will never even meet our clients or employers thanks to the great networker, the Internet. And yet, we still need to get papers signed and contracts sealed to keep the gears of commerce turning.

Digital signatures are an important detail to the paperless business culture we are inhabiting. And yet, the thinking around digital signatures is stuck in the past with understandable concerns about authenticity and legality.

This is starting to change, according to John Gainor of the company

RightSignature. RightSignature is an innovator in the digital signature field, inventing the biometric, hand-drawn signature for electronic forms. This goes a long way toward easing people’s concerns and gives a feeling of authenticity to electronic documents.

John Gainor took a moment to tell us about their software, and shared some reasons why every company with a global clientele needs to make peace with the digital signature and embrace the world we’re living in.


Can you introduce us to RightSignature? When was your company founded? What need did you perceive that inspired you to start the company in the first place?

RightSignature was founded in 2008, and our founders built it as a tool they wanted to use themselves. They were shocked that there wasn’t any good tool out there to quickly and easily send the documents they used every day to get them signed online with a real, handwritten signature.

We’re a company built on innovation, and the biometric, hand-drawn signature was our first. RightSignature pioneered electronic signature technology with the first e-signatures that look like your actual written signature. This crucial detail makes our customer’s contracts look more like contracts, and helps them appear more professional and more trustworthy to their business prospects.


What does RightSignature do? Can you give u a brief overview of some of its features?

RightSignature lets you choose any document, add fields like text input and check boxes, then send it to your recipient. Then your recipient gets an email with a link to securely fill out and sign the document with our electronic signature software. As soon as they’re finished, the completed document is instantly and automatically returned to you, the sender.

It’s easier and more secure than fax, and faster and cheaper than overnight shipping by a landslide.

However, there are quite a few other features in RightSignature that can help clean up your workflow as well. Our automated reminder emails ensure that no contract ever gets lost on a messy desk, for example; and our mobile apps let you do business from anywhere, any time.


Who uses RightSignature? What are some industries and demographics that you know of that have used your services?

RightSignature is used by professionals in dozens of industries, ranging from the biggest Fortune 500 enterprises to the tiniest mom-and-pop shops.

We do pay special attention to the underserved small and medium-sized business community, and we’re particularly a favorite in HR, accounting, law, insurance, realty, education, finance, and healthcare.

We’re proud to be a chosen partner of the American Bar Association and the Financial Planners of America, and we were recently chosen as the top accounting tool for 2015 by Accounting Today.


RightSignature does have a boatload of features. Could you give us an overview of some of the most popular and powerful ones that people have responded to?

First is our deep, powerful API, which we’ve used to build over 40 integrations with the most popular web apps in the world – tools like Google Docs, FreshBooks, and ShareFile. Our API is also available for our customers to build custom integrations to incorporate RightSignature as a seamless part of their workflow in order to do things like automate document sending or embed a RightSignature document into their own tools.

Two other first-to-market innovations we added in 2014 are quickly becoming favorites of our users by expanding what they can do with their documents. Our Collect Payments feature lets users add a payment box to their documents that lets users securely charge the signer’s credit card or collect payment information for future billing. Similarly, our Request Attachments feature lets users add a field so the document signer can upload an attached file as a required part of signing the document.


Can RightSignature be used for multiple signatures? Can you give an example of a situation where that would be particularly helpful and useful?

RightSignature can be used to gather several signatures on the same document, or easily send the same document over and over again to get a separate signed copy from many different people.

For the first example, last week we spoke with a staffing company with clients in over 40 states who uses RightSignature to send benefits approval packets to each employee at every one of their clients. They used RightSignature’s Sequential Signing feature to make sure the docs went to the employee first to select their plan, then to the client company to fill in private employee eligibility information – with each party signing off with a legally binding signature.

In the second scenario, we wrote a case study last year about a preschool that uses our Online Forms feature to embed their Waiting List Application document on their website. The form requires a deposit, which the parents can pay with the Collect Payments feature, saving hours of hassle clearing payments and reconciling records.


Similarly, can you give us one or two hypothetical situations where electronic signatures would be way more efficient that shuffling documents through the mail or by fax?

Another customer in advertising told us about a deal he closed with a client using RightSignature in 7 minutes while waiting to board a plane. He received the initial inquiry email during pre-boarding in the airport’s VIP club, and had a signed contract in hand before the plane took off so his team could get to work right away.

We hear these stories every day from our customers. It’s a huge source of pride for us at RightSignature.


If you had to speculate, how much time and money does an individual or company stand to save by using RightSignature?

Paper documents are costly in so many ways that it can be hard to count them all up.

There’s the cost of overnight shipping, printer ink and fax toner; the staff time wasted hunting down contracts that were lost or never returned; and the extra rent a business has to pay to store filing cabinets full of musty old paper records.

Then there’s the opportunity cost of all the other deals your business could have pursued instead of wasting time on paperwork. Even on our most basic plan, customers can experience an ROI as high as 2500%.


What would you say to people who are concerned about the security of electronic signatures? Have you ever heard of any cases where electronic signatures have been used to commit fraud?

Electronic signatures have the same legal standing as paper signatures, according to laws like the E-SIGN Act and UETA in the U.S. and similar legislation around the world. RightSignature improves on that, though, by including features like secure password-protected logins, biometric signature-capture data, and a full audit log for each document to make sure that our documents are even more legally sound than paper can be.

We understand that our clients use RightSignature to get their most legally-sensitive documents signed, and we take the security of our platform extremely seriously. RightSignature features bank-level security and has never experienced any major outages or security breaches.


Lastly, what are some other reasons that RightSignature can come in handy? Like, for instance, the re-usable templates and form overlays?

We set out to do one thing and do it well, and that thing is getting documents signed.

However, we work hard to make sure that RightSignature is flexible enough to work for any situation. We allow our customers to send documents however they want, whether by sending a single document, lightly customizing a Reusable Template, or embedding an online form in their website. And we offer document signers 7 different ways to sign, from a typed signature to our in-person signing iPad app.

At the end of the day, though, RightSignature is a simple tool designed to let you get your important documents signed. Our focus is on making sure we let you do that faster, cheaper, more easily, and more securely than is possible anywhere else.

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