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Everybody has to fill out forms for their driver’s license, a new copy of their birth certificate, and to get married. Forms are everywhere. A great business uses customized forms to track logistics, inventory, and about a hundred other things. That’s where PerfectForms can help your business, school, or organization to customize their forms. Custom forms help streamline the processes within that company.  Our name, PerfectForms, sums up the primary use of the software, yet we often get questions about what we do. Below are just a few of the most common questions about our great software.

What Is PerfectForms?

PerfectForms is a software application that makes custom forms and applications for businesses, educational institutions, and other organizations with the need to process large qualities of data quickly and successfully.

How Much Technical Knowledge Is Required?

With PerfectForms software, there is no need to know how to wrangle any code. Users of PerfectForms don’t need to read or write CSS or HTML. That makes the software completely user-friendly. As long as the user has had some experience with using a mouse and can spare two hours to learn the software program, they will quickly become experts and able to create perfect forms for a variety of applications.

How Can PerfectForms Help My Company?

PerfectForms saves time. To create a digital form or application that can collect digitized data, many companies require an IT person who knows coding. Depending on the form, it could take weeks to code the form by hand. With PerfectForms, the same form takes 90 percent less time than coding it by hand.

What Can It Do?

PerfectForms can make any type of form or application. Current users have created forms and applications for inventory management, IT support requests, repair requests, asset tracking, absence requests, performance reviews, benefit management, time tracking, classroom safety lists, school thief reports, and customer service feedback forms. These forms can be sent to tablets, used online or offline, and embedded into websites for easy access and availability.

What Kinds of Companies Benefit the Most From Using PerfectForms?

All companies can benefit from the use of PerfectForms. Those in the education and financial industry need the ability to adapt their forms and track individual process regularly. Companies in these industries tend to have a higher need for PerfectForms. Human resource departments also regularly employ PerfectForms to create useful, functional, and customized forms for their department. That said, our tool can help streamline workflow processes of companies in any industry.

Which Is Better On Demand or On Premise?

There’s no single answer to that question. It depends on the company. On Demand is based on our servers. Thus, it takes up no space on the company’s computerized resources. Yet, it might be more practical for some companies to have it based on their servers. Both create perfect forms and applications time after time.

PerfectForms help businesses transform their day to day operations. It turns the complicated process of finding the right form, filling it out, sending to the right person, and having them add it to the database into a two-step process instead. A streamlined workflow sets great businesses apart from just good businesses. Have you tried PerfectForms yet?


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