Fascinating, Outside-the-Box Uses for Workflow Software

Workflow software

Workflow software is one of the more versatile, practical tools that any company can have. The number of “traditional” uses to which workflow software can be put is almost infinite. It is used to manage IT help desks, to coordinate facilities management, and to onboard new employees, for a start. 

In fact, having the power to create automated workflows throughout an organization is like having a Swiss Army Knife, in that it can help out in almost any situation imaginable. But workflow software doesn’t have to be restricted to typical organizational functions. In fact, with the right software, you can go outside the proverbial box. Here are a few examples of unorthodox uses for workflow management software.

Workflows for Regular “Brain Breaks”

Working longer or harder doesn’t necessarily mean getting more done. In fact, regular “brain breaks” at work can paradoxically boost engagement and productivity. When a person works hard on a problem and then takes a break, they continue to ruminate on a subconscious level, which makes a breakthrough more likely once they return to their task.

Imagine creating an automated workflow that reminds everyone in your department, your building, or at your branch office to take a brain break for 15 minutes every hour and a half. That may seem like a lot of time spent doing nothing, but the occasional distraction causes people to access other parts of the brain than what they were using on their task. By giving analytical processing a break, they’re able to tackle their work with renewed energy once they resume it.

Workflows That Tap into In-Office Messaging

Some organizational workflow processes are used day-in and day-out. Others, however, may only be used occasionally, like the workflow for requesting paid time off. When you’re not used to a workflow, you may feel unsure of some steps. But if the workflow is designed to bring up a live chat window where you can ask questions of a person who knows the workflow intimately, it can save a lot of phone tag and email back-and-forth so the workflow can be completed more efficiently.

Connecting Aerial Photos to Site Maps

Workflow software

Workflow software can enable input from novel devices, including drones.

Drones are increasingly being put to use in countless applications, and one of the most important is that of aerial photography. One drone software company is using automated workflows to achieve centimeter-level accuracy when performing site measurements during land surveys or construction projects. This way, site changes over time can be closely monitored. Additionally, drone imagery can be input to a workflow that blends it into maps and 3D model images to improve map accuracy without slower, manual “ground truthing” processes.

Workflows for Sensors and Critical Monitoring

Agricultural uses for business process management are increasing too, as individuals and ag corporations envision the possibilities for automated workflows. Imagine being able to monitor temperature, humidity, and other key variables so that tasks can be tailored to the environment. This is now possible when sensor technology is directly input into workflows with built-in trigger conditions. A landscaping company could, for instance, monitor conditions around an upscale venue and have their workflow software alert them to when sprinkler schedules need to be modified, or when pest control services are needed.

Workflows aren’t always about back-office procedures or other “typical” business process management tasks. In fact, with the right workflow software, they can accomplish things no one has thought of before. PerfectForms is workflow software that offers the level of power and flexibility that businesses and other organizations need to innovate with maximum efficiency.

PerfectForms empowers non-technical users with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that allows them to Create Online Forms and complex workflows to suit their needs exactly. No longer do organizations have to try to fit their unique workflows into workflow solutions that aren’t quite right.

With the power to create customized workflows comes the power to imagine innovative workflows that can put a business ahead of the competition. We encourage you to read through some of our case studies. You’ll see how PerfectForms can transform workflows, and you may be inspired to create new, innovative workflows of your own!


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