Filter Data in a Table and Find What You Need

Hello PerfectForms Community,
Before I learned a simple trick finding specific information in a table full of data was quite a challenge. Luckily PerfectForms allows you to build a search function specifically for ‘Tables.’ With this functionality, you will be able to isolate specific lines of data. The ability to filter data in a table associated with a workflow will come in handy if you have data that expands past a single page.
We will now walk through a step by step process to build a filter large amounts of data. Fist let’s prepare our ‘Form’, drag on a ‘Table’, ‘Text Input’, and ‘Button’ object. In order to make things easier to find I have labeled my text input as “Search Input” and my button as “Search.”
Filter Data in a Table 1
Now that we have our form built let’s proceed to the behaviors. Click on the button followed by the behavior ‘Button is pressed’, within the behavior drag on a ‘Set Table Rows’ command. Click on the ‘Set Table Rows’ command and find the object selection at the top right. Click ‘Select’ and choose the ‘Column’ which houses the data you would like to search.
Filter Data in a Table 2
For the ‘Action’ please select ‘Advanced’ and follow the configuration below:
‘Column’: Select the column you wish to filter
‘Function’: ‘Filter’
‘Text’: (Enter the following in the ‘Formula Editor’)
Filter Data in a Table 3
We will now save and test your form build. Please click on ‘Preview’, once the form is rendered enter in some test data. On my test form, I have entered the word “PERFECT” with a letter on each line.
Filter Data in a Table 4
You may now enter a letter in the search box and click to ‘Search.’ Once clicked the search should isolate all the lines matching the criteria. As we did a wildcard search (A wildcard is represented by an *. The wildcard search we built will look for anything and the entered criteria followed by anything again).
Filter Data in a Table 5
While using your search function remember the filter is case sensitive. In order to clear the filter simply remove your search text and click ‘Search.’ If the filter is left on, it will be automatically reset next time the form is opened. Once you have validated your data is being properly isolated you can apply the built behavior to your workflow.
I hope this post helps with your form building. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to post below.
Thanks for reading and happy form building!

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