Find the right workflow forms to run your business like a pro

Are you wondering how new workflow form software can give you the tools to run any business like a pro? Oftentimes it’s the smallest things that make the biggest difference. Here are a few examples of customizable workflow forms that have allowed myriad business owners to run happier, more consistent and efficient workplace environments.




Keep completely consistent records of employee hours with new timesheet forms that can be maintained online instead of in written form. This will prove to be not only more convenient for many employees, but will benefit your own record-keeping as well. It’s also much safer to keep important data, such as information related to employee hours, in a digital format – either in a cloud server or locally based server –  as written time sheets can be easily altered, accidentally destroyed or lost in the shuffle of day-to-day business. Time sheet forms kept online can also save your business a lot of money in the long run when it comes to reducing paper waste.


Vacation Request Forms 


If your business does not currently have vacation request forms, investing in workflow form software to make your own may be well worth your time. Submitting templated requests will allow employees’ desired days off to be clear and organized for management. Switching to online vacation request forms will also speed up the application process and make it easier to keep correct historical records of requests submitted and approved.


Expense Reports


Every business has a unique way of crunching numbers and interpreting data, so it is integral to have access to flexible workflow form software that can adapt to your line of work. This solution allows businesses to automate the calculation of repair costs, inventory or other expenses and determine employee salaries and payroll scheduling, ensuring every individual gets paid in a consistent, timely manner.


Employee Applications


Many businesses have started to do away with paper applications altogether to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Duplicate existing job applications for candidates to fill out online or simply create your own. Many business owners today prefer electronic applications because they are much easier to organize and keep safely stored on a server for evaluation at another time. Going digital reduces clutter and paper waste as well.


Customer and Employee Surveys


It’s always important to stay in touch with how customers and employees are feeling about your business. Create surveys that ask the questions you want to know and gain fresh insights about areas to improve upon. For best results, consider posting both employee and customer survey forms online and allow answers to be submitted anonymously, as you will be much more likely to receive honest, useful feedback in this way. Also, online customer and employee surveys will save on paper costs, make data collection more efficient and ensure that all anonymous surveys are securely stored. Being receptive to the concerns of clients or co-workers in the workplace is a vital component to running a smoother business.


The right workflow form software should improve virtually every aspect of your business, not make it more complex. If you are disappointed with your current workflow forms, consider investing in PerfectForms, one of the most reputable workflow software solutions available today.



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