Form Creation Software in Higher Education

Form creation software is one of the basic ways many industries, including education, take advantage of technology. Traditionally, colleges and universities have implemented routine tasks using paper only but web-based form creation software can help colleges and universities streamline hundreds of processes, becoming more efficient and thus saving time and budget.


  • Colleges use hundreds of paper forms in administrative processes. Many paper forms are multi-part and multi-colored, which could range in cost from $0.20 to over $1 each. Paper forms are labor intensive; many forms need to be funneled through multiple people, departments and even locations.
  • Simple processes could take weeks to complete when using traditional paper due to the wait times in printing, distributing and tracking

Types of forms being digitized

The affordability, functionality and user-friendly design that online form creation software supports a seamless transition from paper to digital forms. Houston Community College has gone online with budget adjustment request forms, hiring of part time faculty, and requests to transfer equipment between campuses, just to name a few.  University of Portland  has digitized student, faculty and dean evaluations, award nominations and event registrations. Other types of online form creation common in higher education include surveys, online payments, donations, student ID card requests, and parking permit applications.

Budget & labor savings

Digital form creation offers the opportunity to save vast amounts of labor, mainly due to the efficient transition from paper to automated, as well as reduced time in processing. The University of Tennessee at Martin took an entire department paperless and digitized over 20 different forms in two weeks using only one person to manage the process.

With the vast amounts of technological advances we see day to day, users are savvy with internet-based processes, but even administrators who have a non-tech background have reported ease of use with form creation software. The University of Portland, for example, needed a solution that could easily be implemented in order to free up the IT staff to focus on more extensive products. Since 2009, they have been able to create more than 100 online forms, greatly reducing demands on administrators and other staff.


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