Form Design Software: How to Create What You Want

Form design used to be the territory of the graphic designer. Form design software eventually developed to make designing basic paper forms easier, and then it evolved to create electronic forms. Today’s form design software is incredibly powerful, allowing the creation of beautiful custom electronic forms and with some software systems, the ability to create automated workflows from them.

Form design software

Exceptional form design can be in your hands now.

The bottom line is, paper forms are not needed nearly as much today, and making the transition to electronic forms can save tremendous amounts of time and money while speeding workflows and automating countless business processes. If you’re interested in form design software, here are some features you should insist upon.

Your Workflows Are Unique; Your Forms Should Reflect That

Your form creation software shouldn’t lock you into a limited number of templates that can only be modified to a certain degree. Your business’s competitive edge may be built upon unique workflows that nobody else has, and you should be able to create forms that reflect them perfectly. Ideally, you should be presented with a “blank canvas” interface that lets you drag and drop form elements into place, until they look precisely how you want them and do what you need them to do.

You Can Make Electronic Forms Look Identical to Paper Ones

Maybe your company has successfully used the same purchase order form for years. It works terrifically, but it uses up an awful lot of paper, ink, and employee time. Look for form design software that lets you make an electronic version that looks identical to your paper form, down to colors, sizes, fonts, and logos. When you’re able to do this, you make the transition from paper forms to electronic forms practically seamless. Everyone sees the same form they’ve always seen, but now they complete and submit it electronically.

There’s No Reason to Squash Creativity

If you want to develop new electronic survey forms to organize a process or workflow, it should make sense within your unique corporate culture. If your workflows show a high degree of creativity, your electronic forms can too. You can color code different types of forms, add drop-down menus to help users complete forms faster, add images or instructions, and even determine what type of information is allowed in certain fields. In other words, if you have ever wished your forms had a certain feature, you can choose form design software that enables their creation.

Form design software

It’s OK to be creative when you make electronic forms.

Better Form Design Software Means Better Workflows

If your form creating software is hard to use, or limits you to pre-defined designs that aren’t exactly like the forms you’re used to using, they might save you on paper and storage, but they may not make workflows better. When your form design software offers you immense flexibility, however, you can modify your forms until they’re optimized for your needs, and then use them to create workflows that are logical, fast, and powerful. Once you automate one workflow, you’ll probably notice many other business processes that could benefit from automation too.

You Don’t Have to Be an IT Genius

Finally, don’t buy into it if a form design software vendor insists it takes an IT professional to create electronic forms and workflows. With the right software, non-technical users can do this with amazing competency. PerfectForms is form design software with an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface that gives you remarkable scope for creativity in making electronic forms and assembling them into workflow automation. You don’t have to be (or hire) a programmer, and you can make PerfectForms interface with databases, web forms, and other data sources.

And when you create electronic workflows with PerfectForms, you can create an automatic audit trail for every step in a process, which can benefit your organization greatly if you are bound by regulations or subject to audit. If you’ve ever imagined automating processes your business uses regularly, you owe it to yourself to take PerfectForms for a free test drive. There’s virtually no limit to the ways in which you can make processes easier, faster, more accurate, and less expensive.


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