Form Training Games

When you invest in form building software, you need to make sure plenty of your employees understand how to use it.  This way, forms can be produced quickly whenever they are needed.  An effective way to train people in how to design a working form is to give them a hands on experience.  Let them play with the system a bit by taking the basic knowledge they’ve learned from the tutorials to play a form-related game.

Build a Form Scavenger Hunt

For beginning form creators, you could challenge them to build a simple scavenger hunt.  Using questions with various types of answer, their players should be able to get from the start to the finish by answering correctly.  This will teach them how to create a series of forms and automated processes to lead a form user through a sequence.

Form Bridge Building Activity

For those at the second level of form creation software, it would be smart to encourage them to use forms to create solutions.  For example, how do you get a form user from form 1 to form 2 in the least amounts of steps with a required dataset in mind?  You might even use real company issues in this one, to see if anyone can come up with a more practical idea than your current solution.

Create a Form Game

For your most advanced form creators, give them free reign of how they explore the form creator software.  They can do this by creating a form game.  It could be a math puzzle game, a word game, a trivia game, or even a logic game, and each one could easily be created using form creator software.  Who knows?  Through their playing, they might stumble upon an efficient new process that can be applied to a company process.


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