Fun Forms for Education

For schools, having effective forms is critical to day-to-day operations of each department.  However, have you considered using that same form creator software to create fun forms for your students?  Think about it, every form is like a quiz or game, in which questions are asked and there is a certain number of possible solutions.  You can give kids the chance to test their knowledge to practice for quizzes and even to play games with the information they’re learning. You can create a process workflow diagram that guides students to the next step depending on their last answer.  For instance, if they get a question wrong, the form can take them to an easier page.  If they get it right, it can take them to the next level of difficulty.  This will not only allow students to learn at their own pace, but it can also let you know where each student is at in terms of that quarter’s learning objectives.  All you need to do is create questions and then enter them into a fun form using an html form generator.  You’ll even be able to give them access to the form at home with the link.


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