Go Green with Online Forms

In most businesses, there has been an initiative for many years to reduce the amount of paper used, to help protect the environment. Reducing paper also saves money on office supplies. Often, though, companies have found that it’s easy to talk about paperless forms, but hard to implement them. However, there are many forms that just do not need to have a hard copy and could work as electronic input, if only there were an easy way to implement it.

With PerfectForms, you now have the option of easy implementation for your online forms. This online business process software requires no coding experience. All of the forms you could ever need are already available in the Forms Library. You’ll find over 100 different forms, there, and all of them are completely customizable. With the ability to drag and drop on a design canvas, anyone can create a complex form for any workflow process.

Many forms, such as maintenance requests and customer surveys, never need to be printed out on paper. These business processes are ideal for the PerfectForms software to automate. If you would like to see where else you can eliminate paper forms, and help both the environment and your own business costs, check out the entire inventory of business process templates, by signing up for a free trial with PerfectForms, today.

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