Going Digital in the Education Field

The world of education is changing, mainly due to the rapid changes we see in the world of technology. Technology is influencing every industry known to man making them better through different ways of thinking and measuring performance.

For schools, this means finding new ways to communicate, new ways of measuring progress, and new ways of evaluating. Teachers and administrators are constantly in a state of flux to keep up with these changes, in the hopes that they will be able to see positive changes as result of the increasing reliance on technology.

One of the best things to come about as a result of this growing influx of technology are the capabilities of educational forms. By incorporating the automating capabilities inherent in workflow software into the educational environment, teachers can save valuable time that they used to have to spend doing things manually.

This is very valuable to educators, and while some are still somewhat resistant to this change, there is no doubt it will eventually be the standard for educators as they strive to focus on the more important tasks at hand to educate young people and prepare them for a changing world.


Forms are not new, but the idea of online education forms with all of the automation they allow is a new concept. Businesses and HR departments have already started using this online technology to their advantage. In the past, education was often the last industry to take advantage of the changes in technology. But administrators, instructors, and educators are more tech savvy than they have been in previous years, and it is just a matter of time until it catches on like wildfire.


  • Saves time that can be spent on instructional tasks
  • Saves time grading
  • Saves money over the long term by hiring less staff to balance paperwork
  • Less complaints by teachers that they don’t have time to get everything done
  • Increase in morale among education staff
  • Practical applications for a number of educational purposes


The more things you can automate, the more time you will save. So education experts looking to save time that can be used in the classroom will increasingly look to digital tech solutions to gain more time. Soon they will find that technology takes less time, not more and will rely on such automated systems as the standard. To create education forms that work, you will want to keep control on the front end, by finding a solution that allows the input of your educational staff.

To learn more about how schools and universities have improved productivity by automating key processes with PerfectForms, check out some of our case studies.


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