Handling your Company’s Traffic

Youve finally got the perfect website and are generating traffic. Now what do you do with that traffic? If you leave it to a manual process, you risk losing many leads due to human error or them simply getting lost in the shuffle. There are many benefits to handling your company’s traffic with workflow software.

Funneling the Leads

Now that you have the leads, what do you do with them? Automating the process with successful workflow software enables you to have an automated process that occurs with each lead.  Without wasting manual labor hours, you can set up specific actions to occur for each form. Set up timed emails to those that have filled out your form to encourage a sale. You can also set up various urgencies to each lead depending on the answers on the form, enabling the process to remain automated yet have variations.

Create Perfect Timing

Even if your leads have filled out their form at midnight, this does not mean that your follow-up emails should subsequently be sent at that late hour. Time your automated emails to be sent out at prime times, when the email is likely to be readily received and acted upon.

Push Leads through the Funnel

The main goal of the automated system is to push your leads through the sales funnel. You want what started as a simple inquiry to turn into a successful sale. Determining the appropriate process for your company takes plenty of in depth research, but with automated workflow software, the entire process becomes much easier to handle.