Have You Met My Good Friends, Drag and Drop?

Drag and drop forms


Businesses are as unique as fingerprints, and what helps one business run smoothly may not help a different business at all. Whether you run a bakery, a consultancy, or a tech start-up, your operations are unique, and this can present a challenge when you need business solutions. Off-the-shelf products may or may not do what you need. Ideally, you need business solutions that are easy to roll out and that can be customized to suit your unique requirements.

Most businesses deal with forms to some extent. Human resources copes with job and benefits applications, and many departments my use request forms for their services. But obtaining prefabricated forms isn’t always optimal, because they may leave out spaces for information your processes require, or they may have extra fields that aren’t necessary to your particular company. The result can be confusion and unnecessary lack of efficiency. Custom forms are best for most businesses.


Your IT Team Has Enough to Do Already

Perhaps you would like to create custom online forms to streamline processes like vacation requests or job applications, but chances are, your IT team has its hands full and probably doesn’t have the time or budget to develop custom online forms from scratch – assuming somebody has the programming skills necessary to do it in the first place. For most small and medium sized businesses, undertaking an IT project to create and implement custom business forms simply isn’t practical. So what do you do if you need forms but lack the programming skills to make them?


Create Forms With Drag and Drop Convenience

Today, the creation of sophisticated custom forms can be accomplished without programming. PerfectForms puts the power of custom form creation in your hands, and you’ll never write a single line of code. PerfectForms has a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface that lets you build, arrange, and modify forms for whatever purpose you need. With your mouse and a virtual canvas, you can build in the exact fields you need, define form behaviors (like automatic submission to a particular person after completion), and even integrate the forms with existing databases. In contrast to having IT experts create forms and automate workflows (which can take weeks or months, depending), PerfectForms lets you do all this in a fraction of the time.


Enjoy the Benefits of Process Automation

With custom online forms, you can significantly streamline workflows. Instead of filling out a paper form and handing it to a person, your employees can fill out their forms electronically, and what happens to the forms upon completion is up to you. A vacation request, for example, may be automatically submitted to the office manager, while a request for repairing a burned-out light may be automatically routed to the facilities manager. The average employee spends 400 hours a year searching for lost documents, but with electronic forms, documents can’t be mislaid or misfiled.

Electronic forms are easily searchable, don’t take up file cabinet space, and make coordination and collaboration easier. They also cut down on the amount of paper that businesses have to use, saving money and reducing environmental impact. With drag-and-drop convenience, you can start taking control of your business’s forms right now, without adding to IT workloads, and without learning how to program.



Forms are essential for most businesses, and for most businesses, off-the-shelf forms typically aren’t ideal. But who has the time or budget to have custom electronic forms made and to integrate them into workflows? PerfectForms is the solution that answers all these demands, offering a convenient drag-and-drop interface that allows you to create the exact forms you need and integrate them into your workflows. The results include improved efficiency, reduced paper usage, “greener” business practices, and all the cost savings associated with these advantages.



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