Help for Human Resources: 5 Common Processes Made Easier with PerfectForms

Human Resources is tasked with a bewildering array of tasks. The HR professional has to be knowledgeable about employment law, benefits administration, workplace policies, and much more. It’s no place to be bogged down with inefficient processes.

If your HR department struggles to get everything done, perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate processes and see what can be automated. Here are 5 common human resources processes you can streamline and accelerate with workflow software like PerfectForms. And as a side effect, you’ll save money and have fewer errors to deal with. It’s a win for everyone.

1. Submission of Employment Applications

Online employment applications make life easier for all parties involved in the hiring process. Applicants can receive submission confirmation and won’t have to worry about their paper application being lost. Hiring managers can access many people’s applications easily, without dealing with stacks of paper. And if clarification is needed on any aspect of an employment application (such as citizenship or visa status), HR can be flagged right away to pursue it. Online employment applications save money on printing and paper, reduce clutter, and won’t be ruined by spilled coffee.

2. New Employee On-Boarding

So many administrative tasks must happen when a new employee joins your workforce. Not only must you ensure payroll and tax withholding are correct, you have to ensure benefits applications are submitted, a cubicle or office is assigned, and the new person has furniture and a workstation. Trying to do all this on paper is self-torture for the HR professional. The more on-boarding tasks can be put online, the faster it is for the new employee and for HR. If your workflow software allows data to “waterfall” to all relevant fields in multiple forms, your new hire can type his or her Social Security number (for example) one time and have it automatically populate every form that requires it.

3. Submission of Contracts for Contract Employees

If your organization uses contract employees, you must track them and keep records differently than you do with regular employees. When your contracts are electronic, there’s no worry about losing them, or locating them if a question arises about a contract provision. Contractors can be notified that their electronically signed contract was submitted and accepted so there’s no question as to contract status. If a legal question arises surrounding a contract, you’ll have no trouble bringing up all relevant documents for the legal team to look at, so questions can be answered more quickly, and miscommunications cleared up right away.

4. Performance Appraisals

Human resources

Online performance reviews are less disruptive and make gathering of performance statistics easier.

Performance appraisals only happen at specified times, so they’re not a daily part of the routine for managers and directors. That means when it’s performance appraisal time, an interruption could easily result in an appraisal form becoming lost in a stack of papers. If it’s not found, it means starting all over. But when performance reviews are online, a partially completed form can be saved and worked on later. The workflow can be designed so a manager or director can tell at any time how far along he or she is in the appraisal process. Copies can be automatically forwarded to specific employees, as well as HR, so recordkeeping is easier too.

5. Requests for Paid Time Off

When your requests for paid time off can be coordinated with your scheduling system, you can avoid being short-staffed and help ensure that everyone is able to take vacation days when they want to. Paper requests for paid time off, on the other hand, are all too prone to mistakes and loss. With PerfectForms, you can make your custom forms interact with databases, spreadsheets or other software packages, even if you don’t know how to program. By linking your requests for paid time off to your scheduling software, you can schedule time off more quickly and have fewer worries about under- or over-staffing at any time.


There’s simply no reason your HR team has to rely on antiquated processes anymore. PerfectForms’ HR workflow software lets you create custom forms and workflows that make sense for how you get things done. You don’t have to be a programmer to create forms that look and function exactly how you want, or to create electronic workflows that are fast and ensure that no steps are skipped. Check out the PerfectForms demo and see for yourself how easy it is to empower your HR team with fast, accurate, efficient workflows. For a department with as many responsibilities as HR, time and accuracy are especially important, and PerfectForms makes it easy.

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