How BPM Software Helps You with Social Media Management

Workflow tools

Social media has become such a big part of brand building that it’s no longer unusual for companies to have at least one social media manager.

The responsibilities of social media management include:

  • Content management
  • Brand evangelism
  • Updating social networks
  • Blogging
  • Research and planning
  • Content curation
  • Social listening and engaging with audiences

What started out as a side task often assigned to interns has become a fully-fledged profession. Though day-to-day tasks vary, social media managers frequently browse social media for news and trending topics and post to selected social media sites on a regular basis. Interaction with social media users who have responded to earlier posts is also an important task. Blogging is part of some social media managers’ workload, and some create and manage subreddits as well.

Consistency Essential, and Processes Help Ensure Consistency

Consistency is an essential characteristic of a strong social media management strategy, and it’s not easy due to the varied nature of a social media manager’s tasks. Establishing processes for ensuring everything gets done improves consistency and helps ensure that important steps aren’t missed, like responding to customer questions. BPM tools can be terrific for helping establish and practice consistency in social media management. The right BPM software allows the creation of custom business processes, along with checks and balances to ensure completion and constancy.

BPM Software Assists with the Following Tasks

With BPM workflow software, you should be able to manage the following social media management tasks more effectively:

  • Research and planning, including sourcing content that matches organizational social media goals and creating an editorial calendar
  • Content creation that includes blog posts, articles, infographics, white papers, and posts specifically for social media
  • Curation of content that is meaningful and inspiring to share on social media by means of RSS feeds, competitor blog subscriptions, and following industry thought leaders
  • Scheduling and sharing content to the most appropriate social media network(s)
  • Engaging with the audience by listening, conversing, and general online community building

Key Elements of Social Media Processes

Workflow tools

With defined social media workflows, essential tasks won’t be forgotten.

Though each organization’s social media management process will be unique, a general workflow could be envisioned as follows:

  • Initiation of social media management campaign
  • Choosing of the most appropriate social media platforms
  • Creating outstanding social media content
  • Developing hashtags for the social media campaign
  • Planning the social media posting schedule
  • Reviewing posts for opportunities to interact with customers

Managing Social Media Management

Defining the processes themselves is one thing, but managing them consistently is another indispensable aspect of social media management. Buy-in to your social media strategy from management is essential to having the resources and support necessary to carry out a social media campaign. Another key task is to determine who, specifically, is responsible for each task and making sure they understand their responsibilities. Finally, the person in charge of social media management must be able to monitor processes to ensure they are being carried out on time and to completion.

The right BPM tool for social media management must be flexible, powerful, and scalable as social media campaigns gear up and wind down. The people responsible for carrying out the processes associated with social media management should have input into the design of workflows, and with the right BPM software, they can even design workflows themselves.

PerfectForms is BPM workflow software that allows non-programmers to create custom online business processes and the forms associated with them, without having to write program code. Process owners can create their own processes or have significant input into their creation so that processes make sense and minimize duplication of effort and wasted time. Since it’s offered as a cloud-hosted software option, PerfectForms scales up easily and seamlessly and doesn’t require a big up-front investment in IT infrastructure.

In short, PerfectForms is the perfect business process automation tool for the company committed to social media management. We invite you to watch the PerfectForms demo video and see how much power and flexibility you can put into your own hands, whether you’re managing social media or any number of other critical business processes.


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