How BPM Software is Changing the Way Business Gets Done

The BPM Institute defines business process management as how a company defines, improves, and manages their business processes in order to achieve three outcomes:

• A clear strategic direction

• Optimal resource use

• Better-disciplined daily operations


BPM software

Optimizing business processes affects the bottom line and employee morale.


The concept of BPM software isn’t necessarily as straightforward as, say, word processing software, because BPM needs can vary so widely from one company to another. While some companies may purchase BPM software suites that do what they want, others may have difficulty finding BPM software that’s right for their needs. That doesn’t mean they have to give up on the concept of BPM, however. Here are some ways BPM software is changing how organizations operate.


BPM Software Allows Companies to Test Out New Ideas

BPM software lets businesses test new ideas without making an enormous commitment of capital and time. Software should be flexible enough to allow a business to custom design its processes and workflows and test out their implementation without major disruption. This is particularly true of cloud-hosted BPM software, because it eliminates the need for an organization to install and maintain the software on their own servers. Being able to test out new ideas is essential for maintaining agility and being able to innovate quickly.


Well-Executed BPM Helps Businesses Create Scalable Solutions

An outstanding BPM software solution lets companies create and test solutions, and then scale them up easily. For example, a company may use its BPM software to create and manage the process of requesting IT services. Once they discover that the process increases efficiency and accuracy, they may decide that the process could be scaled up to include other departments, such as maintenance and human resources. Or, an organization may use BPM software to create a pilot program, and then scale up to the entire company if it’s successful.


SMAC is Improving BPM Software

SMAC stands for Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud, and encompasses four technologies that are impacting a lot of workplace functions. In addition to the cloud benefits listed above, the benefits of mobility for BPM software are evident in companies where there are a lot of field workers. Analytics can provide valuable information to those who design work processes in terms of efficiency gains and problems with processes. Some companies even integrate social networking into their work processes to create team cohesion and a sense of unity.


BPM software

Mobility means workers don’t have to be tied to a workstation to use business processes.


BPM Software Is Starting to Put the Internet of Things to Work

As objects and machines become “smarter,” BPM software is gaining abilities to put the so-called Internet of Things (IoT) to work improving processes. For example, sensors could be made to send data (perhaps temperature or pressure data) to software or databases. Pattern recognition or predictive analytics could be incorporated into processes. In workplaces where smart technology (thermostats, lighting, etc.) are used, IoT data can be used to track things like energy efficiency and cost savings as part of operations.


It’s Helping Businesses Discover New Opportunities

When companies are able to make their processes better and more efficient, they can open up new opportunities. They may be able to enter new markets, create new products, or improve operations in ways that directly affect the bottom line. Suppose a company puts all (or a large subset of) its paper forms online and connects them into logical electronic workflows with BPM software. Error reduction and savings in terms of time, paper, and ink can produce an impressive return on investment, allowing the company the means to explore new opportunities.



BPM software doesn’t necessarily mean a major IT initiative or huge capital expenditure. Many innovative companies and organizations use PerfectForms as BPM software and have had remarkable results. With PerfectForms, you can take paper processes and make them electronic and intuitive. You can also link your electronic forms into logical workflows, and you do it all with drag-and-drop convenience, with no programming required. Check out some of our case studies and see how educational, healthcare, marketing, government, and insurance organizations have harnessed the power of BPM software by using PerfectForms.

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