How Form Software Can Help Your Repair Business Run Better

Repair businesses are among the most hands-on of all small businesses. Unlike many businesses that can be run completely online, repair businesses handle actual physical items, some of them intrinsically valuable, and others with sentimental value. Therefore, it’s one of the most customer-focused types of businesses around.

Form software

The more time technicians can spend making actual repairs rather than filling out forms, the better.

Despite the fact that repair businesses require a lot of personal interaction and hands-on processes, choosing powerful form software allows repair business owners to create forms that can significantly streamline the day-to-day operation of their business. Here are just some of the many ways forms software can be useful to different types of repair businesses.

Vehicle Repair

Vehicle repair, whether it’s bicycles, automobiles, or motorcycles, can rapidly become complex. People invest a lot of money into their vehicles, and some vehicles also have great sentimental value to their owners. There’s a lot of pressure on vehicle repair businesses to do outstanding work in a timely manner, and at a reasonable cost. Form software allows vehicle repairs to be tracked closely from the time a repair request arrives until the account is paid in full. Online forms are better than paper forms for this because they can be put into workflows that are traceable at any point in the repair process, so it’s far easier to keep customers informed.

Furniture Repair

Furniture repair may take place on the site of the furniture repair business or at a customer’s home or place of business. Though the repairs may not be technologically challenging, still they must be done correctly for customer satisfaction and safety. When the furniture repair business creates forms that are mobile-friendly, repair technicians who work at customer homes or businesses can log repairs in detail right from their phone or mobile device, so invoices are created efficiently and are likelier to be correct.

Appliance Repair

Like furniture repair, appliance repair may take place at a customer’s home or on-site at the repair shop. Depending on the age and style of the appliance, ordering parts may be a necessary step. Form software can be used for building online forms and workflows that take into account the variety of different steps that must be taken during repair of an appliance. And when those forms are mobile-friendly, field technicians can log, for example, an in-home refrigerator repair quickly and accurately.

Form software

Mobile-friendly repair documentation forms speed workflows and make life easier for repair technicians in the field.

Electronics Repair

When someone needs repairs to a computer or other electronic device, they’re not interested in waiting around, because chances are they use that device every day. Nobody has time for paper repair request forms that are shuffled among technicians and administrative personnel. Form software for the creation of online forms and workflows is the answer. It can speed along the administrative side of things so that repair professionals can accomplish the repairs they’re asked to make without having to spend as much time filling in forms and routing them manually.

Jewelry Repair

Jewelry can have both great intrinsic value and great sentimental value, and building trust with customers is essential for the success of a jewelry repair business. With form software, customer interaction never has to take a backseat to administrative tasks, and customers ultimately receive their repaired items more quickly. Online forms also allow jewelry repair businesses to rein in costs, so they can price services more competitively. When a repair is completed, it’s easy enough to print out a receipt for the customer.

Repair businesses are hands-on and customer focused. They may operate on slender margins too, which means that the less time spent dealing with paper forms filled out by hand, the better. PerfectForms’ workflow management software allows the repair business owner to create forms exactly customized to their needs, using an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface. These forms can be assembled into online workflows that ensure consistency and that no steps are inadvertently left out. Better still, you can try out PerfectForms for free and see how easy it is to make custom electronic forms the work exactly as you need them to. We encourage you to give it a try!


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