How Form Software Can Simplify Customer Support Inquiries

The quality of your company’s customer support can greatly influence your success. Outstanding customer service can smooth over minor problems, yet poor customer service can derail the success of even excellent products. In recent years there has been a revolution in customer service, with many more channels open to customers and their comments and inquiries.

Form software

Giving your team more channels through which to provide customer support benefits them and customers.

If it’s time to upgrade your customer support services to take advantage of the web and mobile devices (which many customers prefer as a customer support channel), the right form software can make it not only possible, but extremely successful. Form software can make customer support faster, better, less costly, and more informative long term. Here’s how form software can help you transform your customer support operations.

Accelerate Customer Service Inquiries

Some customers will always prefer phone support, but an increasing number of them prefer communicating using web forms. With web-based customer service inquiries, there’s no waiting for the next available customer service agent, and a written record of the interaction is automatically created with time and date stamps. A customer can submit a support inquiry online (possibly using their tablet or phone, if forms are mobile-friendly), then check back later for a response, or request that the company phone them to discuss the issue. It’s fast, simple, and accurate.

Respond to Customers Promptly

Form software also makes it easy for your customer support team to respond quickly to inquiries. With all pertinent information about the customer, the product, and the problem at their fingertips, they can formulate the best response for the situation quickly, responding via web, phone, or however the customer prefers. There’s no typing in data the customer provides over the phone (which is error-prone), and there’s no answering lines where frustrated customers have been on hold for long periods. Form software isn’t just good for your customers, but for your customer support team as well.

Collect Inquiry and Response Data Automatically

Another terrific advantage of using form software for customer support inquiries and responses is that every time an inquiry or response is submitted, data from those forms can be automatically collected and analyzed. Did a lot of inquiries come in from a particular geographic area? Perhaps the batch of products that went there was damaged in transit. Do most of your customer support inquiries arrive on Tuesday afternoons? You can staff your customer support department appropriately so that work is distributed fairly. The data you collect automatically using form software can be used to make smarter business decisions.

Form software

Form software makes it possible to collect valuable data automatically.

Create Insightful, Informative Customer Service Reports

Think of the insights contained in one quarter’s or one year’s worth of customer inquiry and response data. The right form software will help you create reports that are informative and that make sense. These can be invaluable for reassessing customer support practices, and even for justifying the hiring of additional support agents. Reporting capabilities are one of the best features offered by great form software – a feature that can lead to lower expenses and higher revenues ultimately.

Customer expectations for support have risen as more customer support channels become open to them. An increasing number of people prefer the convenience of web customer support forms: they’re fast, simple, and don’t require waiting on hold for someone to answer a phone line. Many customer support specialists also see the great utility that web forms bring to customer support, allowing them to respond faster, more accurately, and at a lower cost. What’s more, the right form software can be made to create custom reports that make it easy for your customer support team to see what they’re doing well, and where there is still opportunity for improvement.

PerfectForms is form software made to be used by non-technical people. With a drag-drop interface, PerfectForms does not require you to pull someone from IT to help you create pixel-perfect web forms for customer service. You can even highlight your customer support forms with your brand colors, logos, and fonts if you choose. And collecting data from submitted forms can be set up so that you can gauge customer support trends and spot problems early on. Best of all, you can try out PerfectForms for free. See for yourself how much power you have in your hands to create web forms for customer service that can revolutionize how customer support is handled at your company.


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