How Online Form Software Can Make Feedback Collection Better

Businesses, nonprofits, government, and other organizations rely on feedback from people both inside and outside the organization so they can perform better.

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Feedback lets you know what you’re doing right and where you can improve.

High-quality feedback can lead to correction of problems and development of better processes and products. Before the internet and online forms and workflows, collecting feedback was an onerous process, involving paper forms or phone calls and manual recording of data. It was clumsy and prone to mistakes.

Form software greatly streamlines and improves the process of collecting feedback, whether from people inside the organization, or from outsiders. Well-designed forms that ask the right questions in surveys of the right length are the quickest path to actionable insights. Here are some examples.

Better Employee Performance Appraisals

For employee performance appraisals to deliver value to everyone involved, they must be simple to use, with language that makes sense for various employee roles. With the right form software, it’s easy to create a basic employee performance appraisal form and then modify it to create customized forms for different employee roles. 

Many performance appraisals use five-point scales to rate performance of various job competencies. With online forms, these can be automatically taken from submitted forms and used to calculate overall scores or feed data into other systems like spreadsheets or databases. 

Answers to open-ended questions on employee appraisal forms can be routed differently if necessary. For example, these answers could be sent along from the managers conducting the appraisals to department heads so they can learn more about how their team members are performing.

College Course Feedback

Student course evaluations can be extremely helpful to instructors and professors, but low submission rates are a fact of life at most schools. Improving submission rates is often as simple as making course feedback forms mobile-friendly. Students simply won’t bother with feedback forms that are too long or that they have to complete by hand.

Confused phone girl

Students often won’t bother giving feedback if they can’t do
it easily from their phones. 

Only ask the most important questions and minimize open-ended questions (though you may want to include one optional one at the end for students who want to give more specific feedback). When you design course feedback forms so students can complete them on their phones with a just a few minutes of tapping on their answer choices, you’ll get better response rates and more representative data.

Customer Satisfaction with Products and Services

Surveys are a tried and true method for obtaining customer feedback that leads to actionable insights. Like student course evaluations, you should keep customer satisfaction surveys short and sweet, because the average consumer is busy. 

Make sure questions are relevant to what you want to know. For example, if you want to learn more about customer demographics, ask for things like age, sex, and home zip code. If you want to know how people like your latest product offering, make your questions about that. Mobile-friendly is a good rule to use with customer surveys, because you’ll get better response rates than you would with surveys that have to be filled out in a desktop setting.

The key to using surveys, appraisals, and other data gathering instruments successfully is having outstanding online form software. Not only should it allow you to create custom forms to suit your needs exactly, it should interface with other business systems you may use, like spreadsheets and databases. And if your form software allows easy creation of detailed reports, you can make maximum use of the feedback you gather. 

PerfectForms satisfies all these needs and more. With it’s easy, drag-and-drop interface, you can create beautiful, functional surveys and feedback forms to suit the intended audience and collect data automatically. And PerfectForms has outstanding reporting capabilities, so you can put your data and insights to use improving your organization. We encourage you to watch the PerfectForms demo video. And if you have any questions, please get in touch with us at any time. 

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