How Online Forms Can Help You Plan Company Holiday Events

Office holiday parties are treasured traditions at most workplaces, and the best ones have been carefully planned rather than thrown together. In times past this “planning” may have been done with a sign-up sheet taped to the break room door, which was far from ideal. It was all too easy to misjudge the number of plates you’d need the caterer to provide, or the number of toys “Santa” would need to hand out to employee children.

Online forms

Santa has a much easier time tracking the “Naughty or Nice” list with online workflows.

Online forms are the answer to office holiday party planning problems. The right form builder software allows you to create custom forms that gather information automatically. These forms can be put to an almost limitless variety of uses, and they can make things far easier on the people tasked with putting together the event. Here are some ways online forms can help you plan your company holiday event.

Learn What Type Function Employees Want

Maybe the department administrative assistant has received multiple holiday party ideas from employees, but there will only be time and budget for one. Online forms containing a simple poll are a simple way to find out how many employees prefer a potluck lunch and how many prefer a cocktail party with a gift exchange. Your form builder software should allow you to automatically gather “votes” and tally them, so you can be confident that whatever type of company holiday event you plan, it will be one most people prefer.

Gather RSVPs with Online Forms

Once you have determined what type of event to have, and when and where to have it, you need to know how many people to expect. Again, online forms can be terrific for gathering and counting RSVPs. And if your event offers attendees a choice (such as chicken, roast, or a vegetarian entrée), your online forms can collect each attendee’s selection. With minimal effort, the point person for your holiday party planning can determine how many people to cater for, and how to allocate the different entrees. You could even distribute drink tickets via an online form.

Who Still Owes Money?

Online forms

Online forms and workflows are terrific for tracking who has paid for their holiday event tickets.

Many public-sector organizations are not allowed to spend organizational money on things like Christmas parties, and for these businesses and organizations, online forms can be great for keeping track of who has paid for their dinner, drinks, and other expenses. Suppose your nonprofit company runs an e-commerce division. Combine online forms with a secure payment portal, and collecting the money to pay for the party becomes significantly easier. If function attendees are asked to print out their own ticket once they have RSVP’d and paid, your online forms can be set up to only allow ticket printing for those with a confirmation number of having paid for their ticket.

Match Up Secret Santas with Ease

The Secret Santa matchup is popular in many organizations, because it adds fun to what can be a stressful time of year, and can be a great opportunity for people to get to know each other. If you expect sign-ups for Secret Santa to come in over a matter of days, you can set up a workflow that matches the name on a submitted participation form to the next name that comes into the system. Then you match the last name that is entered with the very first one so everyone is assigned to someone. You could also use online forms to collect information from participants about favorite colors, hobbies, and other information that will help their Secret Santa choose an appropriate gift.

HTML Form builder software isn’t only about purchase orders and fringe benefits administration, but can also be used to plan company social events, like the annual holiday party. PerfectForms is a specialized online form builder software that is powerful, flexible, and intuitive enough to take on this task with ease. To create and build online forms, simply drag and drop elements into place. You can also add graphics, logos, and other extras that set forms apart and make them look just how you want.

With PerfectForms, you can deploy workflow applications to take care of tasks like counting RSVPs, determining what each participant is bringing to a potluck, or gathering data the caterer will need to ensure everyone attending is included. And did you know you can try out PerfectForms for free? Sign up for a free trial and see for yourself how powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use PerfectForms is, for everything from critical business forms to organizing office social events.


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