How Online Forms Help Keep Your Day Spa Tranquil and Peaceful

Salons and day spas are meant to be places where people go to get away from the million and one things they have to do every day. Nobody goes to a day spa wanting to discover there has been a scheduling conflict, or they’re out of a favorite aromatherapy oil because of an ordering error.

Online forms

With online forms organizing everything behind the scenes, technicians and clients can focus on services.

Spa and salon owners, therefore, have to bring their “A” game every day in terms of organization and planning. That way, clients can be assured of having the getaway they booked and spa owners can be confident the business side of things is ticking along flawlessly. Custom online forms are the key to minimizing paper usage (and clutter), ensuring business processes are fast and efficient, and keeping all spa professionals in the loop seamlessly through their phones and tablets.

Mobile-Friendliness Is the Key

If your spa technicians have to visit the office or front desk each time they want to know something about schedules, commissions, or product orders, it can cause these basic tasks to take longer than they should. But when they can use their phones or tablets, they can learn instantly if their 2:00 customer has checked in, or that the skincare products they ordered are to be delivered in the afternoon. You have the power to create online forms that will do all these things and more, and you can design them to look as beautiful as your spa, even while they take on the “heavy lifting” involved with running your business.

Learn Which Services Are Earning the Most

When using form creation software, it makes reporting easy, you can find out for certain which products and services are your biggest moneymakers. You can also easily learn if you offer services that are never booked, and explore whether to keep them on your menu of services. Reporting tools for online forms can also be organized in countless ways: by the date range, by the time of day, by the spa technician, or by phone vs. online bookings, for example. Best of all, you won’t have to demand time from your technicians, or overload your office manager in order to get these informative reports.

Calculate Commissions with Unimpeachable Accuracy

If your spa technicians work on a commission basis, the right finance workflow software will help you create online forms that calculate commissions with no confusion, no errors, and no hand-written paper receipts to cope with. And, if there is ever a question about a commission, reviewing the process that calculated it as well as the figures used in calculation is easy.

Online forms

Calculating commissions by hand is slow and subject to mistakes.

You’ll really appreciate this use of online forms at year’s end when preparing tax information for your employees or contractors. Upon finishing with a client, technicians can check off which services were delivered at what cost, and with which products, and move on to the next client knowing their commission will be calculated automatically and perfectly.

Schedule Appointments Quickly and Easily

Whether you have a scheduling clerk or have individual technicians create their own appointment schedules, online forms are the way to go. They can be made to automatically check for conflicts and send out confirmations or reminders. You will have fewer no-shows and less unexpected downtime. Imagine your technician, upon collecting payment from a customer, being able to make a few taps on their tablet and schedule the customer’s next appointment, automatically sending that customer an email confirming that appointment, along with a link they can click if they find they need to reschedule it.

If you’re concerned that you don’t have the skills to create online forms that do all this, worry no longer. PerfectForms is flexible, powerful online forms software that requires no programming for the creation of fully customized, pixel-perfect forms. What’s more, PerfectForms is mobile-friendly, so technicians can complete forms quickly, on their own phones and tablets if they want. Reporting is easy, so you can learn who and what your top earners are, and gain information that will help you take your business in the right direction as it grows.

Watch our PerfectForms demo video and see how easy it can be to build online forms and workflows that will make running your salon or day spa efficient and accurate. You’re sure to be inspired with many great ideas of how you can put online forms to work for your business.


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