How to add a homey feel to your office space without clutter

Creating a comfortable work space is one of the surest ways to boost employee loyalty and morale. People work better when their surroundings are pleasant and uplifting. A drab environment that has only rudimentary furnishings will produce a dismal workforce that puts out a minimal amount of effort at best. Thus, adding the right design elements to your office can improve your bottom line by boosting productivity and bringing everyone on board with your goals. Best of all, some of the most popular office enhancements can even provide an array of health benefits. The major challenge associated with these efforts is designing a space that looks and feels good while remaining functional and efficient.

Stock Up On Office Plants

Studies have shown that plants can reduce employee stress, improve indoor air quality and limit the occurrence of many common illnesses. This is because plants help to minimize indoor air pollution and can regulate humidity levels in closed spaces. Live plants in the workplace reduce the likelihood of dry skin, dry coughs, colds, and sore throats, among other health issues. They are a great way to add a homey touch without cluttering the office. This is especially true when vertical design strategies are used.

Far too many offices only use floor plants, and this limits the amount of available floor space, in terms of both movement and the storage of other office essentials. Try building your plant designs upward instead. Use decorative window planters to line the tops of cubicles, place potted plants on corner bookshelves and incorporate hanging plants wherever possible.

Increase Natural Lighting

It may also be time to rethink your window coverings. Some office spaces get very limited amounts of natural lighting, while others do all that they can to block this light out. However, regular exposure to the sun is essential for humans as this helps the body to synthesize Vitamin D. Given that employees are typically inside on the sunniest parts of the day, it is vital to ensure that they have access to natural light on a routine basis. Several studies have shown a clear link between natural light exposure and improved productivity. You can replace heavy blinds or drapes with sheer designs or invest in attractive vertical options that can be adjusted to allow more sunlight to flow in. This is a design strategy that will add no new clutter to the office at all.

Go Paperless

Excess clutter can be disheartening. More importantly, both profits and productivity will start to decline as disorganization spreads. Getting rid of outdated and archaic filing systems is a great way to boost morale and improve employee speed and efficiency. Virtual document storage systems and the form software that PerfectForms provides can make this transition both seamless and easy. In fact, these things can enhance your workflow processes, limit human error and reduce costs. Best of all, the elimination of large, cumbersome filing systems will free up more floor space and allow skilled professionals to focus on other duties outside of organizing, auditing and updating physical files.

There are a number of ways to create a homey and appealing office environment without adding clutter. Live plants, natural light and transitioning to digital filing systems are a good start. These efforts will make employees feel better and, in turn, significantly increase productivity, efficiency and overall team loyalty.



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