How to Create Survey Forms in a Snap

Sometimes employee surveys are the best way to gather important information, and there are countless ways surveys can be used by companies to accelerate operations and improve employee morale and motivation.

Electronic surveys

Electronic surveys can even be made mobile-friendly.

But the old days of sending out a survey on paper and then having someone manually compile the results made the process too cumbersome to be used often. Plus, paper-based surveys almost guarantee a low response rate.

Electronic surveys, however, can compile data themselves, don’t waste paper, and are quick and easy for employees to complete and submit with just a few clicks of a mouse. Here are some of the ways companies can create surveys and benefit from the information they collect.

New Hire Surveys

Hiring has changed with the rise of online applications, video conference job interviews, and electronic onboarding. But many companies are still feeling their way when it comes to making the hiring and onboarding process effective, efficient, and welcoming. Creating a survey for new hires who have completed the on-boarding process can help. Such a survey can be completed by the new employee online and may include questions about problems they encountered during the hiring or onboarding process, and about what they thought the company did well in terms of hiring and onboarding.

Collaboration Feedback

Collaboration is a popular buzzword, and today it can be done with teams that are dispersed throughout the world if necessary. When a group completes a project, obtaining feedback about the collaboration process can help a company recognize where improvements can be made (by allowing video conferencing, for example), and where the collaboration process works well (perhaps with the aid of the company social network). Learning how to make collaboration easier and more effective is a key to driving the best results in today’s fast-paced, geographically dispersed workforce.

Surveys Related to Company Social Functions

Surveys can be a terrific way of getting a number count for the company picnic, or for finding out how many people want the turkey entrée and how many want the ham for the company holiday dinner. Calling people and asking takes a ridiculous amount of time, and paper surveys have serious limitations. But you can eliminate much of the guesswork by using electronic surveys. Afterward, you can even create a “guest book” survey in which people share their memories of an important company event, so participants can relive the fun and perhaps view photos from the event.

Electronic surveys

How many people want to do a gift exchange? How many want a sit-down meal versus a deli plate? Electronic surveys can find out quickly and easily.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Are your employees happy in their work? If they’re not, they may feel that they have no options for stating their grievances. But employee satisfaction surveys allow employees to provide feedback about all aspects of job satisfaction with the reassurance of anonymity. Survey results can be calculated automatically, and you can even include fields where employees can offer details of their employee experience, helping HR identify and get to the bottom of potential issues before they can cause serious problems or increase employee turnover. Paper forms simply can’t match the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic employee satisfaction surveys.

Service Provider Surveys

Most businesses use services provided by third parties, for everything from water cooler service to cloud business apps. It can be difficult to know how well these third-party arrangements are working out unless you ask the people who use them every day. If, for example, a business app is buggy enough to slow productivity, you need to know so you can review the service agreement and work on getting the problem solved. Likewise, if you’re thinking of switching providers, it’s important to get feedback on existing providers. It’s important to know whether the providers you use are delivering the level of service you expect.

Create Custom Surveys and Compile Results Easily

When you use form software like PerfectForms to build online forms and workflows, you can also create electronic survey forms. These surveys can be designed into simple workflows where employees access surveys and complete them online, and then the results are tabulated automatically. The time savings are phenomenal, and with electronic forms you can be confident of more accurate results. You can try PerfectForms out for free and see for yourself how easy it is to create custom electronic forms and workflows, including surveys.


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