How to Efficiently Close Out the School Year

Another incredibly busy school year is over, the kids have cleaned out their desks and everyone is excitedly anticipating summer vacation–everybody except office workers who have several weeks of administrative tasks to complete before their vacation starts.

The amount of information that needs to be gathered, organized and entered into a school’s databank is overwhelming. End of the year test scores, final grades, state-required information concerning school budgets and finances, newsletters to all school employees, scheduling next year’s holidays and teacher/parent conferences–the list is seemingly endless.

Unless a school implements some kind of workflow automation software into its computer system, closing out the school year (as well as streamlining workflow processes throughout the school year) will be time-consuming, complicated and potentially riddled with issues due to human error that use up more valuable vacation time when these errors need to found and corrected.

Workflow Automation Software Can End Your School Year Quickly and Accurately

A simple to use but powerfully effective tool to increase productivity, efficiency and consistency in any kind of administrative setting, workflow automation software offers benefits to elementary schools, community colleges, universities and other higher education institutions dealing with immense amounts of student information, communication with federal and state financial aid offices and payroll for professors, adjuncts and all school employees.

5 Advantages to Integrating Workflow Automation Software into Your School’s System

1. Tasks that normally need manual assistance can be automated to allow employees to complete other, less repetitive projects. By eliminating boring tasks from an employee’s list of things to do, workflow automation software helps increase productivity, motivation to complete projects in a timely manner and reduces overhead expenditures to promote budget consistency.

2. Elementary, middle and high schools using workflow software can immediately improve their ability to serve and communicate with families and students. In addition, data security implemented with automation software ensures all sensitive information is protected and backed up.

3.  PerfectForms workflow automation software can be installed on your school’s servers or moved into the cloud if desired. Administrators maintain total control of the software and also have real-time access to support when installing or updating the software.

4.  PerfectForms also offers “on-demand” workflow automation software that requires no upfront capital investment, no software updates or complicated hardware to maintain and 24/7 back-up/monitoring services.

5.  Streamline your school’s accounts payable system using Perfectforms to rapidly process invoices, reduce errors interfering with audit trails and compliance and significantly reduce time spent searching for previous and current purchases.

Automating with PerfectForms is Easy to Deploy and Simple to Use

PerfectForms does not require school staff know anything about computer programming and offers an intuitive learning curve. In addition, you can optimize one process or a hundred processes to customize PerfectForms and streamline your school’s workflow so that projects and tasks get done in an expedited and precisely accurate manner.