How to Find the Right Software to Create Forms

Not many people are “fans” of forms, but forms play an important role in managing consistency and quality in business processes. The reasons most people don’t care for forms have to do with the limitations of paper forms: You can run out of them, they can be lost or damaged, some people’s handwriting is unreadable, and they have to be distributed manually. Electronic survey forms eliminate all those problems.

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Good luck finding a specific paper form among hundreds of them.

Workflow Software to create forms is available, but many small businesses wonder if the investment is worthwhile. The answer is an emphatic yes, as long as you choose wisely.

What Kind of Software Is Available to Create Your Own Digital Forms?

You can find online form templates to download with a quick Google search. This is a smart solution only if there’s a template that exactly matches your needs. Most companies want customized forms. Free online tools can be found to create forms, but again, they’re not nearly sophisticated enough for the needs of a many businesses.

Using Extensions to Software You Already Have

Many commonly-used business software packages have features that allow you to create forms, but they’re not very flexible. Trying to get the resulting forms to interact with web forms, databases, or other software can be a nightmare. If a business wants to connect electronic forms into a sleek, online workflow, it must typically choose software specifically designed for creating electronic forms and workflows.

Dedicated Software to Create Forms

The right form creation software should benefit every department in your company. It should work and integrate with all departmental business workflows. Selection of software depends on several factors, including your budget, whether you have on-site infrastructure or need a cloud-hosted solution, how quickly you may need to scale, and the technical proficiency of the people designing the forms.

Look for Key Features and Capabilities

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Cloud-hosted software to create forms is preferable for many small businesses.

Small businesses are choosing providers that offer cloud hosting. Cloud solutions are desirable because they require less up-front investment and, as needs change, it is easy to revise the number of subscriptions your company pays for – often on a month-to-month basis. Look for software that’s mobile-friendly and easy to integrate with your website and other software already in use. Finally, look for software with a visual user interface that doesn’t require programming, but lets you drag and drop form and workflow elements into place.

Imagine the Difference the Right Software Can Make

Suppose you could sit down at your work laptop and create from scratch a custom form for ordering building keys for new employees. Ideally, you’d like the electronic form to look exactly like the paper form you’ve been using, so people will understand it right away. Then imagine that upon completion of this form, it is automatically sent to the person responsible for acquiring keys and, at the same time, that person is issued an email or text alert that his or her action is required. That’s infinitely better than filling out a paper form and leaving it in someone’s inbox, hoping it doesn’t get buried.

PerfectForms lets you do precisely this, with a drag-and-drop user interface that requires no programming knowledge. You can make electronic forms look exactly like your paper forms, down to fonts, colors, and logos. Better still, you can link forms into automated workflows. Workflow efficient can increase considerably, mistakes are reduced, and archiving is done automatically. We encourage you to watch the PerfectForms demo. It will probably spark countless ideas about how electronic forms and workflows can benefit your company.