How to Get the Most from Your BPM Tool

The business world is fast-paced and filled with customers who expect nothing less than a superb customer experience with every transaction. Therefore, the businesses that manage all their business process automation well have a clear advantage over businesses that have a haphazard approach to process management.

BPM tool

Manage business processes; don’t let them manage you.

A business process is simply the combination of tasks employed to meet a specific goal, which could be anything from ordering supplies to updating the company website to shipping to answering customer queries. BPM workflow software is the set of practices you employ to manage all these processes in an orderly and efficient manner. The right BPM tool can help you streamline processes, save time, save money, and make customers happier. Here’s how to get the most from your BPM tool.

Start By Choosing the Right BPM Tool

You might be overwhelmed by the number of choices in BPM tools available to you, but you can narrow the field by considering several key factors. Acquisition cost is usually right at the top of the list of considerations, and it’s important to understand the total cost of ownership rather than simply how much you write a check for to get started. Acquisition cost will depend heavily on the vendor, and on whether you choose an on-site installation on your own servers, or want to use a cloud-hosted product.

Deployment time is another major consideration when choosing a BPM tool. How long will it take to become usable, and how long will it take your team to learn how to use the included features? Also, can processes by easily customized? If not, keep looking, because you need flexibility.

Evaluate candidate BPM tools in terms of reporting and analytics capabilities. At the very least, you should be able to measure the business value that the use of a BPM tool has generated. Finally, you should research your vendor. How long have they been in operation? What is their reputation among businesses like yours? How customer-oriented are they?

Make Sure Your IT Infrastructure Is Up to Scratch

If you want to install your BPM tools on your own servers, you must evaluate the readiness of your IT infrastructure and complete any necessary improvements. This is less of a problem if you choose a cloud-hosted solution, but you still have to ensure you have the broadband speed and capacity so that your team can use the tools without experiencing lag.

Along with ensuring your IT infrastructure is ready for action, you have to prepare your team for their new BPM tools. Involve key team members in the roll-out process and make sure everyone understands how to access technical help during the learning process.

BPM tool

Is your broadband connection or on-site server system sufficient for your suite of BPM tools?

Keep an Eye on BPM Trends

Innovative people and organizations are always thinking up new ways to get more out of their BPM tools. One of the underlying trends that made BPM such a powerful concept, and that continues to dominate BPM advances is that of collaboration. That’s because the right BPM tools enable easy collaboration throughout a business process. Mobility, security, and visibility throughout typical work processes are all factors that make collaboration easier and better. In fact, the right BPM tools can bring together a team that’s dispersed geographically, allowing them to collaborate as if they were all in the same room.

Benefits of Choosing the Right BPM Tools

Perhaps the greatest benefit businesses experience after a successful BPM tool implementation is more consistent service delivery due to defined, logical processes that have had extraneous and needlessly cumbersome steps engineered out. Greater team efficiency is another major benefit of great BPM tools, as is better compliance with regulations and industry standards. Ultimately, well-executed BPM tools improve customer satisfaction, reduce critical failure risk, save money, and make companies more profitable. In fact, a positive return on investment can be surprisingly swift.

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