How to Get Your New Employees Set Up and Ready to Work Faster

The first day for a new hire probably feels similar to school orientation. New employees have a lot on their minds and a lot to accomplish, and they’re probably concerned about making a positive first impression. Perhaps you as a supervisor or HR worker are anxious to make a great first impression as well.



The sooner new hires can get down to work, the happier everyone is.


How Day One goes can set the tone for an employee’s career with your company, and it’s important to not only make the new person feel welcome, but to ensure that all legal requirements are taken care of so that neither the employee nor the company has to deal with consequences of, for example, incorrect tax withholding. Following are some ways to help your new people get set up and ready to work as expediently as possible.


Take Care of Legal Employment Obligations

Correct contact, wage, and tax information is absolutely essential. Your employee wants his or her paycheck to be accurate, and you definitely don’t want the company to get in trouble with the IRS. If new hires can complete forms online, and if the data they enter can be used to populate multiple forms, everyone saves time, and there are fewer chances for mistakes. Plus, electronic forms won’t get lost in the blizzard of paper that often waits on new employee desks.


Getting Your New Employee the Gear They Need

Typically, new employees will need to have a phone, computer, and office supplies. In addition to providing a starter pack of office supplies, you can make it easier for your new employee to requisition a computer, phone, and other electronic gear they need if it’s done via electronic form. Not only can electronic forms eliminate confusion caused by misunderstood instructions or unclear handwriting, they won’t get lost, and are submitted to the person who needs to act on them immediately upon completion.


Make Sure They Can Get Into the Building

You’ll also need to make sure your new employee can get to where he or she needs to be. On the first day, new employees may need to apply for a parking permit, request keys if necessary, and have a photo ID made. Some employees may need a nameplate for their desks or doors, and they may need business cards and company stationery also. When requests for these items are linked together online in a logical workflow, you can be confident that new employees will get what they need without delay.



Granting building access to new employees should be a top priority.


Ease the Process of Signing Up for Fringe Benefits

New people usually have a set window of time in which they must sign up for benefits like health insurance or savings plans. Signing up with online forms ensures accuracy and speed, and you can help ensure new people don’t forget to sign up for benefits by sending out regular email reminders beforehand. You can also automatically send out confirmation emails after employees submit benefits forms so they know their requests went through. Doing all this on paper is asking for problems in the form of hard-to-read entries, or forms that are misplaced at any number of points of handoff.


Eliminate Pen and Paper from as Many Steps as Possible

The more you can eliminate pen and paper from new employee on-boarding processes, the better. And you can create the online forms you need with a solution like PerfectForms. With PerfectForms, you can use a number of pre-made templates or create forms all on your own. Because you drag and drop form fields into place and have powerful customization options, you can make online forms that look exactly like your paper forms, so people intuitively understand how to complete them. Then you can connect forms into workflows that allow both new employees and HR to complete their tasks quickly, and with minimum hassle.



With PerfectForms, you won’t have to ask the IT team to create custom online forms, because you can do it yourself without having to write any programming code. Drag-and-drop functionality makes creating forms and workflows intuitive, fast, and amazingly cost effective. And you’ll cut down on use of resources while reducing your company’s environmental footprint. Why not try out PerfectForms for free? It’s easy to see how much better PerfectForms can make on-boarding and countless other business processes.



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