How to Improve Your Critical Business Processes with BPM Software

BPM stands for Business Process Management, and it’s a way that any type of business can make everyday tasks as efficient as possible. The business processes managed consist of those activities that accomplish definable organizational goals. For example, the process of on-boarding a new employee is a business process. BPM offers a systematic way to make processes more efficient, effective, and adaptable.


BPM software

Whatever your industry, don’t bog down productivity with cumbersome, outdated business processes.


BPM software is software that’s designed to help business owners and managers make their business processes as logical, effective, and efficient as possible, whether they’re in the financial industry, healthcare, manufacturing, education, or any other sector where efficiency can be a differentiating competitive factor.


What Can BPM Software Do for Your Business?

Put simply, BPM software helps businesses be prepared to compete better in today’s fast-paced and global marketplace. It allows business leaders to analyze business processes, identify inefficiencies, design improved processes, implement them, and monitor and modify as necessary.

With BPM software a business could, for example, measure operational processes and determine ways they could be done better, apply technology to business processes to make them better, coordinate staff activities better, and be prepared to respond quickly when a new challenge or opportunity presents itself.


BPM and Continuous Improvement

Closely linked to the concept of BPM is continuous improvement. When a business of any size is able to continuously fine-tune processes and improve ROI on an incremental and consistent basis, sales and revenues should go up, and inefficiencies can be worked out of processes over time.

Suppose a manufacturer recognizes inefficiencies in its logistics operations. Perhaps the shipping of damaged products is regularly costing the organization in terms of lost revenue. BPM software could help that manufacturer determine exactly where improvements are needed and gain a birds-eye view of an order as it progresses through the shipping process.

It may come to light that data about these orders arrives too late for anyone to do anything about them, and that real-time notifications could prevent some of these problems. Customer service could be notified immediately whenever an order experiences damage so they can resolve the issue quickly enough not to lose the sale or the customer.


BPM and Small Businesses


BPM software

Small businesses can benefit from BPM software too, and it doesn’t require a huge capital outlay.


Maybe it sounds terrific, but something that’s only an option for big enterprises with deep pockets. That’s not necessarily the case. Business process automation solutions exist that are perfect for start-ups and small businesses and that don’t require big up-front investments in IT infrastructure, consultants, and software. BPM on a smaller scale is eminently practical today, allowing smaller organizations to improve productivity and business efficiency and compete more effectively, even against larger enterprises.


Extensive IT and Financial Resources Not Required

BPM workflow software does not require a large capital outlay, nor does it require the services of a programmer or the resources of your IT team. PerfectForms is a straightforward, scalable solution that can be tailored exactly to your small business needs. Using a convenient, drag-and-drop interface, you can create logical workflows that help get rid of inefficiencies without having to write programming code.

Imagine being able to envision workflows and make them happen by dragging and dropping objects onto a blank “canvas” interface exactly as they work in your organization. That’s what PerfectForms does, letting even the smallest organizations create online forms and workflows that are the key to continuous improvement and efficiency gains. It’s a flexible, affordable option that can take BPM from analysis through implementation, in any department or across departments.



Technology is allowing businesses in all industries and of all sizes to take advantage of the many benefits of BPM software. PerfectForms can put the power of BPM software into your hands, even if you don’t know how to write programming code, due to its intuitive user interface. Businesses and organizations in numerous sectors have used PerfectForms to create customized electronic forms and workflows, allowing for continuous improvement and competitive advantage. Have a look at the case study for Houston Community College, which used PerfectForms to remove redundant business practices, turn cumbersome paper workflows into sleek electronic ones, and cut use of paper and printing resources.

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