How To Maintain Productivity While Your Employees Are On Summer Vacation

Rested employees are more productive employees. Everybody knows that. The trouble is that while employees are out of the office, whether for vacation or any other reason, work isn’t getting done. And when work isn’t getting done, your business isn’t running at maximum efficiency.

Vacations and other forms of time off allow employees to relax, recharge their batteries, and return to work with a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm. Breaks from the day to day grind of working give employees a renewed sense of purpose and are better able to handle the stress of their workday world. Recent polls show that employees who return to work after a vacation are far more productive than when they left.

The trouble with employees taking time off, especially when they are away from work for extended periods, is that work isn’t getting done, which can in many cases make business grind to a standstill. Still, managers are responsible for making sure business continues smoothly, especially during summer vacation time when employers can find themselves seriously understaffed.

Mapping Out What You Are Dealing With

One good way to help managers better plan for what they will be dealing with when vacation season starts is to ask employees to submit vacation requests ahead of schedule. This way employers are able to lay out a schedule during vacation season to let them see where there might be labor shortfalls and make plans to deal with them. It’s also a good idea to make the vacation schedule public, so everyone knows when understaffing problems might be an issue.

There are also workflow software programs such as those provided by PerfectForms, which allows employers to automate workflows, making them easier to monitor and make changes before they become a problem. PerfectForms allows users to automate many functions of a human resources department, workflow planning and vacation scheduling being only two of them.

Making Lists

The to-do list is perhaps one of the greatest labor saving efficiency devices known to American business. Unfortunately, it is a device that is greatly underused. Every worker should be encouraged to keep a to-do list of tasks, both long-term and short-term. This is especially true when employees might be responsible for carrying out projects that belong to someone who is on vacation as well as their own. To-do lists should also include contact information for those who need to be reached while an employee is away.

Divvy Up the Work

Making sure that everyone does their fair share of work to cover that performed by someone who is on vacation is an important part of workflow management. This task is made easier when work is properly scheduled and everyone knows the functions they are to perform in another employee’s absence. This can be made easier, especially in the case of mundane tasks such as answering the telephone, by hiring outside temporary help.

Employees deserve time off to relax and recharge their batteries. In order to maintain efficient business operations, adequate plans must be made so that work continues to be done efficiently. Fortunately, with some planning, extra effort, and some help from technology, covering these lean periods is something virtually any business can handle.


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