How to Make Employee Onboarding Easier Than Ever

How can you make the employee onboarding process easier? If you are an HR specialist or office administrator, you know the importance of saving time in this process. There are so many applicants to go through to narrow down the choices to the select few whom you think will be what your company needs. Then, once you narrow it down to the “chosen few,” you need a way to make the onboarding process simple and painless. This allows you to get on with the other tasks that need to be done in your company.


When you are in the onboarding process for new employees, it often takes a long time to gather all of the data, get the signatures required, and the needed documentation to complete the process. This takes valuable time away from other responsibilities in the company. What you need is an automated process which would take charge of this process for you. The problem, for some, is that they think it would take away from the individual human decision-making process and input from people. But that’s not true with online forms which allow users to determine the input information from the front end.


The ideal online form system would be automated so that new hires could fill out the forms quickly and send them to your HR department online. But they would also have a “human element” involving the input of the questions and the types of information that is asked for. This would allow your company to control the kind of information and data that is being collected, while keeping the process automated and simple at the same time.


Workflow management software makes the onboarding process easier than ever and can incorporate the best of both worlds when it comes to a business process. The best software would take the automatic online format but also allow real human programming options on the front end. This would allow companies or institutions to control the type of data or information that is gathered in a fast and efficient manner. However, some workflow software requires programming ability and not everyone knows how to do that.


PerfectForms takes the best aspects of human decision-making and combines it with online automated workflow processes into workflow management software that enables you to streamline the onboarding process. We save companies thousands of dollars per year due to our efficient, online process. It eliminates the need to hire more staff to handle the hiring and onboarding process, cuts down on IT work time, and allows you to focus on the more important aspects of your company or business.


Workflow software like PerfectForms allows you to stay involved in the onboarding process, while allowing the workflow management software to take care of the preliminary work. You can create your own documents and specify which questions are the most important, designing your own fields as you go, so that you get only the information that is important to your company.


The best part about PerfectForms is the ability to do all of this with no programming knowledge. The easy custom-designed interface allows you to input only the information you want to obtain and design each form to fit your specific requirements. Then, you just take the information and complete the onboarding process by coordinating the information within your business or organization. It is like the ultimate database collection facilitator, right at your fingertips. PerfectForms also has other tools that help your business to streamline your work processes, including time and attendance forms, invoicing, and many more.

To find out more about workflow management software, and how Perfect Forms can help you with your onboarding process, contact us. 


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