How to Obtain Better Efficiency in Your Operations

Are employees constantly waiting for important documents to arrive from another department?  This can often be the case when some processes have a lot of unnecessary steps. These are sure-fire indicators that a business needs to focus on developing better efficiency in their operation. When it comes to  business process management, administrators should focus on the top problems of poor operations efficiency and their fixes, including interdepartmental relationships, material misdirection, outdated technology, untrained workers and finally, not keeping track of all it.

What Causes Poor Operations Efficiency?

A lot of processes are decades old and stem from when the business was much smaller. No business starts as a large corporation; most begin as a one or two person team that grows. The flow between departments reflects this. The product development department might not have been created until 2008 while the customer service department was started 10 years before. These growing pains make processes inefficient and create a trail of paperwork.

Operations Fix #1: Reduce Renegade Works in Process

When management identifies business process management is needed for a higher profit margin and effective service, the very first step should be to ask employees what processes could be streamlined. No one knows their job better than the person you employ to do it. Ask them for recommendations and make them an integral part of the process. Business managers should ask themselves whether this work even needs to be done at all. Eliminating the backtracking or redundancy of work will get results.

Operations Fix #2 Minimize Material Movement

Reducing material–papers, electronics and other products–transferring from one department to another is easily going to increase the efficiency in the workplace. This might mean the company forgo the paper trail and make everything electronic. It also might warrant adding off-site storage of electronic forms and documents. Investing in cloud storage is perfect way to achieve this. Plus, it increases employee access to the material, which goes back to the first tip. There is no waiting for other departments to walk the paperwork down to the other.

Operation Fix #3 Improve technology

If the company is still stuck in the Stone Age and hasn’t updated their computers, electronics and software, efficiency is already behind the ball. Employees could be spending valuable time struggling with the technology they need to do their job effectively. Sometimes, money needs to be invested, so that businesses can actually save money.  Updated technology is one of those spend money to make more money times.

Operation Fix #4 Value Education and Training

As silly as it sounds, offering employees ways to improve their education is going to increase efficiency. The company could host classes on how to use the new software, send staff to seminars and even offer a program for staff to attend college. Advancing education might not pay off immediately, particularly if the company focuses beyond the workplace. An employee, however, increases in efficiency when he or she knows how to use the tools at their disposal.

Operation Fix #5 Implement Workflow Automation Software

Workflow automation software is one way businesses can get immediate operation improvement.  Management can visualize current workflow and then minimize the processes to be more efficient. Workflow automation software allows managers to transform the workflow process, maximize the efficiency of your staff, and make data more accessible to the masses.  It actually helps businesses do three of the above fixes to increase a business’s efficiency.

Ready to implement these efficiency-improvement methods in your business operations? When those in charge focus one business process management, the business as a whole will benefit. Employees will have more streamlined processes to follow, less waiting for other staff members to transfer papers and more organization. Have you tried workflow automation software before and what were the results?


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